Henecha Milnought

Member of the Milnought family

Henecha was a young girl living in Briarholm in Fennlad. She was the daughter of Pivola Milnought and Efal Milnought. She had two siblings, Membert Milnought and Fimich Milnought. Furthermore, she also lived with her paternal grandmother Kinn Milnought.  


Henecha was known around town because she caused a good deal of trouble with the other girls. She had some behavioural issues and tended to take her anger out on others or simply wandering off and ignoring them. Due to these tendencies she only had a handful of friends.   She liked woodworking, woving baskets and playing with her siblings. Her family described her as smart, but also said that she sometimes lacked empathy for those around her.  


Henecha was a victim of the The Milnought Family Murders. This murder spree is known both for it's extend as well as for the supposed motive. Both of the parents, the grandmother and the two oldest children were murdered during the course of this case. The only surviver was the youngest, Fimich. It was revealed later that the motive was apparently that the entire family had participated in either the emotional, verbal or physical abuse of the youngest child. The murderer was never caught.
1502 ADF 1519 ADF 17 years old
Circumstances of Death

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