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The Eruption of Mount Kujando and the Birth of Zarglÿf

Long ago, Zarglÿf was dominated not by a swamp but by a dense and wild jungle surrounded by lush green foothills. Different regions had their own names, but together they were called the lands of Zar, after the original Glÿfen name for the Creator. The people of Zar were nomadic clans constantly at odds over territory and resources, struggling to survive not only each other but the jungle and its creatures as well.   In the center of the jungle rose the great Mount Kujando, a monument of fiery earth in the endless green. The clans of Zar steered clear of the volcano, fearing Kor's wrath should they intrude in his domain. The mountain was said to be home to huge flaming reptiles and men made entirely of stone with glowing gems for eyes. The truth of these stories has never been determined, for where the mountain once stood is now nothing but the treacherous reaches of The Deep.   No one knows for certain what led to the volcano's eruption. Many believed it was due to the foolish encroachment of a clan who thought to claim the mountain's riches for themselves. Other legends speak of a battle between Kor and Falor in which the Fire God rode across the lush land in a chariot of flame and ash, burning all he touched. Whatever the cause, the colossal eruption completely destroyed the mountain itself, spewing lava and ash across Zar and even into areas of what is now Caer Thalion. Dozens of clans vanished in the devastation, and many more died in the aftermath as they struggled to escape the choking clouds.   Scholars believe the fires burned for close to a decade before a great storm showered the land. Stories claim that Argur, God of Storms took pity on Zar and sent the storm to revive the land.   It is unknown how long the storm truly raged, but no one doubts the result: the once lush and bountiful jungles of Zar had been reduced to a steaming, ash-choked swamp. The remaining clans came together near the coast and out of desperate need to survive, agreed to become one people. The strongest of the warriors was put in charge, and the lands of Zar became the kingdom of Zarglÿf. Over time, the swamp filled with life once more, even stranger life than ever seen before in Zar. And the great Mount Kujando disappeared from all but legend.  
"And through the clouds of ash and fire, Argur descended over the land. For one hundred days he raged unchecked, until all the land was flooded. And when at last he returned to Imlag, the lands of Zar were naught but swamp, and those who survived joined as one people."

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