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Argus, God of Storms

"And through the clouds of ash and fire, Argur descended over the land. For one hundred days he raged unchecked, until all the land was flooded. And when at last he returned to Imlag, the lands of Zar were naught but swamp, and those who survived joined as one people."
— from the legend of Mount Kujando and the founding of Zarglyf

As the God of Storms, Argus is well-known for his thundery temper. Like a storm, sometimes he's quick to strike and other times he takes his time. During stormy seasons, mortals leave offerings for him in the hopes that his passage through their lands will be swift and easy. Argus is most commonly depicted as an ebony-skinned man with lighting for eyes and robes akin to storm clouds, or as a huge lightning-clad black falcon.


Argus has no specific commands for mortals. He simply expects them to give him the reverence he's due.

Holy Books & Artifacts

Holidays & Festivals

In both Caer Thalion and Zarglÿf, seasonal festivals are held in honor of Argus as well as Marea, Goddess of the Sea, and Caelum, God of the Sky.

Alternate Names

Argurak (Thali)

Argur (Glyfen)



Symbols & Signs

a black cloud cross by lightning

Divine Relations

Father: Zephyrus, God of War

Mother: Sinaquadea, the Waterweaver

Spouse/Romantic Interest:


Siblings: Articus, God of the Hunt, Crothus, God of the Blade, Mortus, God of the Bow, Enaeus, Kycius, Pantarus, God of Predators, Lucius Ysa'bahk Va'lar


Divine Classification
Minor God


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