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Articus, God of the Hunt

"Patience, little hunter. Be still and silent, and the prey will come to you."
— from Nara's First Hunt, supposedly spoken by Articus himself

Articus is a reserved but passionate god who cherishes his followers as well as his prey. Though not one of the most popular gods, he is heavily revered by hunters, and there are many festivals celebrated in rural areas in his honor. He is most often portrayed as a tall man with antlers carrying a large bow. His sacred animals are wolves and falcons.


Articus commands hunters to be honorable, and to kill only when there is a need.

Holy Books & Artifacts

Articus has no holy books or artifacts, but there is a code passed down from every hunter that honors him called the Hunter's Law. While the Hunter's Law is not a set of strict rules, Articus expects any honorable hunter to abide by the guidelines it sets. Those who ignore his Law may become cursed by the Hunter's Mark, an aura that both urges prey away and draws predators near, making the hunter's work fruitless and far more dangerous.

Holidays & Festivals

Rural communities hold many celebrations in his honor, and hunters give regular offerings. He has few permanent shrines, but the remnants of ones built hastily out of sticks, pelts, and other hunting related items can be founds throughout the wilderness.


Drakala, the Queen of Beasts


Towards Articus, God of the Hunt


Articus, God of the Hunt


Towards Drakala, the Queen of Beasts


Alternate Names

Artak (Thali/Glyfen)



Symbols & Signs

A bow and arrow laid over an animal pelt or a wolf, deer, and man chasing each other in a circle.

Divine Relations

Father: Zephyrus

Mother: Drakala

Spouse/Romantic Interest: none

Children: none

Siblings: Argus, Mortus, Crothus, Enaeus, Kycius, Pantarus, Sorchia Ímlerin(mortal)

Other: none

Divine Classification
Minor God
Submitted for Day 30 of Inktober 2019


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