The Elves of the Wood

"By Florian's grace, we nurture the earth. By Drakala's wisdom, we cherish all life. By the dreams of Malorel, we are the wardens of life."
— elven prayer
  Though the elves make their home in the Enchanted Wood which is considered part of Etherea, they have their own ruler, society, and laws.  

The elves are ruled by the King of the Wood, who's responsible for making sure his people are happy and that they uphold the laws laid down by Florian and Drakala. His court is located at the crown of C'Oros Baal, where the Rowan Throne resides. On matters regarding his people, the King is advised by the Eldar Council, a small group of the most prominent eldars in society. On matters regarding the Wood and Etherea as a whole, the King meets with the Kingdom Council.

The throne is passed from the King to his chosen male child, who is given the title of Prince. Only the King's chosen heir is called the Prince; any other members of the royal family are referred to as 'lord' or 'lady'. The elven throne cannot be held by a female; in the case of a lack of male heir, elven law states that the Woodspeaker call upon Florian, the Green Lord to choose a new king.

The Woodspeaker is the elves' "spiritual" leader. He is responsible for listening to the will of the Wood and ensuring its sanctity is upheld.


Monarchy: the Enchanted Wood and elven territories are overseen by the King of the Wood Current ruler(s): King Andarel & Prince Terandel Kingdom Council: a collection of leaders of Etherea's thirteen most prominent species; decides matters that affect Etherea as a whole Eldar Council: a small group of prominent eldars who advise the King; they have no political power on their own


The elven kingdom was founded by Lordaerel when he united the numerous elf clans at the end of the Chaos War. Since then, elves have enjoyed a prosperous and well-respected kingdom.
Geopolitical, Kingdom


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