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The Kingdom Council

Thirteen members make up the Kingdom Council of Etherea, each the leader of one of the thirteen sentient races that make Etherea and the Enchanted Wood their home. The Council meets once every five years to go over general kingdom affairs as well as any issues that need to be addressed. They also meet any time a change in leadership occurs. They also convene to meet and acknowledge anyone the King or Queen chooses to marry. The King of the Wood is regarded as the head of the Council, though all members of the Council are considered equals.


Races of the Council and Their Leaders

  • elves - led by Andarel, the current King of the Wood 
  • humans - led by Lorah Calistri, the current Queen of Etherea
  • dragons - led by Ochros, the Dragon Prince
  • dryads - represented by the Woodspeaker 
  • unicorns - represented by the Horned Prince
  • wüldfrael - led by Leandrotha, the current Lady of the Wood
  • peryton - represented by the Crowned Hart
  • centauri - led by the Shenshyn
  • bandaloki - led by the Beast Lord
  • gryphons - represented by whatever mating pair is currently roosting at the top of C'Oros Baal
  • mermaids - led by the Merwiilyanth
  • nagas - led by the Nagaryn
  • sylphs - represented by whatever sylph currently makes its home in C'Oros Baal


As all members of the Council are considered equals under kingdom law, no member has power over any of the others. Nor does the leader of one race have power over members of other races. However, the Kingdom Council as a whole has the authority to remove any of its members from power if there is evidence that they are no longer fit to be a leader. That leader's people then have the chance to select a new leader on their own. If they cannot do so, the Council votes and selects its new member. The exception is if the King or Queen were to die without an heir. In that case, the other members of the Council invoke a magical call to summon possible replacements. The candidates then take part in a series of tests that the Council uses to determine who will be the new King or Queen.


The Council was founded after The Enchanting and the devastating war between humans and elves that nearly destroyed both peoples. As the humans and elves recovered from the destruction, negotiations began to unite the Enchanted Wood and the kingdom then known as Anchiantress. Representatives from all sentient races were called to C'Oros Baal to meet and discuss an alliance. It took almost twenty more years and a change in several representatives before the Kingdom Council was officially established and the kingdom of Etherea was born.
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