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I paid a roaster 200 gold ages ago to learn this spell, and you get it for free? ...Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, that guy might have been ripping me off.
— Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

Created by siblings Branwen and Spelta Wheatley, Roastmasters seeking a more efficient way to run their café.
Origin: Chaff
Creator: Branwen and Spelta Wheatley
Domain: Caffeine
Material Components: Coffee beans, chalk, Grainsong
  This spell allows the caster to transform raw coffee beans into perfectly roasted brew-ready perfection. By a touch, the caster imbues the beans with magical energy, causing them to heat up, crackle, and roast themselves to the desired level.
When cast, the player rolls a 1d6 to determine the quality of the roasted coffee, with the results as follows:  
Idea Description Commentary
1 Raw Roast The beans didn't roast well; the resulting coffee is bitter and barely palatable.
2-4 Medium Roast A standard, well-balanced roast; the coffee provides a boost, granting the drinker Blessing on Constitution checks for the next hour.
5-6 Master Roast The beans are expertly roasted, resulting in a coffee of exceptional quality. The drinker gains Blessing on Constitution checks until the next rest and gains a temporary hit point bonus equal to the caster's level.
The "Roaster's Revelation Rite" spell could have variations or advanced versions as characters progress. For example, a higher-level version might allow the caster to control the flavor profile or even produce enchanted coffee with additional magical effects.   GMs and Players should discuss how they wish to further flavor the spell to best fit their character.

Brewing Success

Branwen arrived at the café before dawn, too eager to sleep after last night's eureka moment. She found her twin Spelta already grinding beans, his typical early bird manner unlike her constant struggle for timeliness.   "You look well-rested for someone up half the night scribbling formulas." Spelta had chided her revisionist streak as they refined the ritual for months, but respected her devotion to perfection.   Bran merely smiled, laying out chalk, herbs, coffee cherries and the final critical etched silver bowl onto the oak counter. She had obsessed over the spell's intricacies—the purity of ingredients, the singed bittersweet cacao shells, the precise celestial alignments. But at last every etched rune, every step fell into place.   The first rays peeked through shutters as Bran carefully crushed cherries while circling waves of Grainsong incense smudged the air. As she sprinkled the mixture into the vessel, Spelta laid five unroasted beans atop with reverence then silently invoked the antique copper ladle inherited from their late mentor Beanedict to stir clockwise three times.   A faint glow swelled then extinguished from the bowl. The siblings held breath in perfect unison. Bran uncovered the vessel, unveiling beans glazed in sheerest caramel still popping and cracking from unseen heat. Spelta reverently brewed two cups.   The bold elixir's first velvet sip sang with flavors no normal methods could extract in less than an hour. Gratified tears misted Bran’s eyes.   "To Roaster's Revelation!” Spelta toasted with a wink to his sister. She grinned, savoring success procured from one final sleepless night.   Nothing the perfect cup of coffee couldn't fix.


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This whole idea is cool just love the idea of food magic and how coffee benefits and great story on how they invented it

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