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Crooked Mile Valley

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Expansion, Growth, Progress and Corruption - a Faraway Community

Melody Rice
Melody Rice by ROD w/Midjourney
Gazette News Travel Guide
From the desk of Melody Rice, Reporting from Crooked Mile
MRice Log Date 1907
Melody Rice is a Crooked Mile local, who takes her reporting position seriously. If her reviews do not appeal to readers, she asks they contact her supervisor at the Gazette News, a flighty gentleman who doesn't take her seriously. It is likely her supervisor won't bother to discuss concerns and complaints with Melody. Nothing he says seems to go through her ear and out the other. Neither does his admonition take residence inside her brain matter.

Melody Rice Desk

Melody Rice Desk by ROD w/Midjourney

There is no officially recognized link between Crooked Mile Valley and New Faire. But without the economic influence of the Location Fairelands, the region wouldn’t be developed. Crooked Mill Village was connected to farming families for 150 years until the Six Year War and the rise of industrialism in the 19th century. The city of Oldfaire was difficult to access, resulting in a substantial travel time, and it shared common traits with other cities, such as coal and oil, soot, and horse dung in scattered neighborhoods. The privilege of owning fine brick homes and hoarding resources to maintain wealth was and is reserved for a select few residents and the Ascendancy.   In the farmlands to the east of the Bridleborne Mountains, travelers found a much less confusing way of life with little to worry about on the surface. Of course, their farms depended on Oldfaire in the fall when the crops were harvested. The competition wasn’t too daunting. Most Faireland farmers grew subsistence crops, a little of this or that. Crooked Mile farmers cultivated two crops: cattle feed corn and sweet corn. A major timber company supported a few landowners who stripped the land for farming and cut lumber needed to build their houses in Faireland villages.
When the Bridleborne Mountains & Glass Sea Mist Rolls In
When the Bridleborne & Glass Sea Mist Rolls In
When the Bridleborne & Glass Sea Mist Rolls In by ROD w/Midjourney

Pastoral Crooked Mile Valley
Crooked Mile Valley
Crooked Mile Valley by ROD w/Midjourney
Crooked Mile Map
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Crooked Mile Locations
Crooked Mile Valley can be found east of the Location Bridleborne Mountains and the Scarlet Woods. Families moved into the valley for more than a century to start farming. The south entrance to the valley is fully accessible. Strangers could walk over several small bridges, determine which areas were unoccupied, and declare it as their homestead by placing a sign.   Foot and pack mule were the only means to traverse the mountains to the west until the late 1860s, when a small experimental train company, later known as the Berkside Transit Train System Transit System constructed a track for hauling freight, crops, and coal. Before tunnel construction was completed, the journey was hazardous during winter. Train crews perished while transporting uneven loads. People died from freezing, waiting for crews to clear the roads. The Berkside Transit made history in 1899 by blasting their tunnel through the mountains. In the following six years, a significant number of residents migrated to the less bombed and mined Valley.   North of Crooked Mile and east of Vast Chasm shipping, entrepreneurs established a safe route for ships sailing east and west. Prior to that, travelers from Otherwhere had to get off their boats and travel by stage coach around the horn. The boundary rocks were being pounded by the turbulent seas. Disasters befell the first two ferry companies that transported passengers north from the valley. The third ferry company, using tugboat design and escorted travel, reached Location Hallowharbor. The passengers claimed they didn't see any waves splashing. Their stories being made public led to doubt about the first two failures.   A popular natural attraction destination is located east of Crooked Mile Valley. The springs system in the coastal caves is both beautiful and deadly. During its opening, the Seasway Resort Hotel and Mineral Springs considered the two springs to be interconnected. It's normal to come across researchers. They are here to investigate the existence of an ancient underwater culvert built by the native population 5,000 years ago.   The @Cirsea Isles, a destination shrouded in mystery, are rarely witnessed by residents or visitors of Crooked Mile Valley, as they were purchased for the Drumkeeploch Manor House estate. Circle Founder, Jason Garamund Garamund not certain if he bargained for three islands or only one. Every test his late wife, Cathaleen Garamund performed, suggested there were three islands, but the Perimeter Sink and The Dead’s Holler are no longer visible. It became impossible to reach the islands. Additionally, she admitted that the unvisited islands were infested with ghouls, Shadows, a mysterious religious cult, and peculiar, potentially dangerous Crustaceans that evolved over time.
There are many reasons why the population in Crooked Mile Valley increased. The economic benefits are the practical purposes for the young moving into Goose Valley Landing. Veterans of the Six Year War benefited from the middle income housing advantage they earned. Train commuting was seen as advantageous in terms of convenience by some. Merchants and developers could benefit from investing in farmland.   Economic factors were certainly a motivation for families to relocate, but Oldfaire residents were also interested in finding properties with good fishing, diving, freshwater rivers, and duck hunting. Marvel's Boarding House the Spouters Tavern Berkside Mills and the Harvest Temple provided service to their customers for years. New businesses, like the Crooked Market and a niche Ellie-Ellen's Bakery & Tea Room, opened when Briarbank College Annex built a night schoo in the Valley. The Crooked Mile Valley offered a taste of city life, if one desired. Not everyone desires a peaceful existence, and that's the problem. Some residents prioritize authority and security, sharing just enough to pacify their neighbors. Sharing should include access to clean water, fishing and swimming spots, and shady trees.
While many tourists visit Newfaire for its thrilling tech-based entertainment, a handful decide to spend some time in Crooked Mile Valley on their way back. Gertrude Marvel Marvel and Muriel Lister Lister hosted a visit by a group of Orchid growers. First, they did their shopping in Location Varnish, then opted for the train instead of departing directly from Hallowharbor, and stayed two nights at the Boarding House. The boarding house review they gave was a mix of positive and negative. While listening to Gertrude’s gossipy stories, they fell asleep in the breathtaking garden.   When art collectors see Timothy Lignon, Artist portraits and landscapes in galleries like Briar Green or the Red Lamp District, they respond to his request for more information. If the sale is large enough or Timothy expects the collector might buy a unique and expensive piece or a puppet for a child, he will invite them to have dinner with him at Spouters Tavern’s. His nouveau customers spend the night at the Boarding House, too. They never remember their stay, but they do hang his painting in their ballrooms.   The one day 1907 Independence Day celebration attracted thousands of people. Sadly, the stampede resulted in injuries for many of them. It's unlikely they'll come back, but every town that grows experiences growing pains. The Crooked Mile Valley attracts tourists who are passionate about fishing, growing flowers, collecting art, and cave diving. According to the Crooked Mile Gazette Newspaper, the Crooked Mile Valley Committee boasts about their tourist’s interests.   Commuters are unhappy with the sound of "County Fair is coming" in the newspaper and complain. “Festivals should be banned,” is a common refrain heard at town halls.

Cover image: Crooked Mile Valley by ROD w/Midjourney


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