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Black Ichor Scenarios include "soft" horror text and graphics.
It may not be suitable for children or the skittery to read.
Opinion of the writer: PG-13 material.
Objective: Writing scenarios that lean into chracter storytelling and supports a meaningful tale.
Fiction First. illuminates the action, not the roll.
by Ruby O'Degee
Benefactor/Author, Ann Dickerson
Ruby O'Degee is a fictive author (analogous to a pen name).This is a work of pure fiction. Characters cannot possibly be living, dead, ghosted or holo reflections of real persons. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
The use of Ai images essay at this date 12.28.2023. This is the only article it is linked with. Ai won't likely be worth writing about, since will be "all" said in a matter of years. Ai, Not the Entire Debacle

  • Copyright 2022 -2024 Fictive (pen)Ruby O'Degee
  • All Rights reserved for text, images, virtual world products and animations.
  • Any images or writing by other artists/authors will be credited independently.
  • World Building is published with World Anvil.
  • Images are often composited with Midjourney and edited by with other filters and art by Ruby O'Degee. Game Masters & Lightkeepers are free to use these images when you credit Ruby O'Degee (ROD) & MidJourney.
  • Maps are created with Inkarnate, unless otherwise stated.

Note: The following two paragraphs are written on the last page of their rule book. It is reference text that explains how/why they are sharing their immersion story that is horror, a mix of science, technology and magic that is not gruesome - my kind of ghost and ghoul story. Instead of building a world from scratch to write about. I wanted to adapt a world that my fictive Ruby O'Degee visited long enough to write about and learn to live with. What is unexpected to me is that Illuminated Worlds, Darrington Press and Candela Obscura are kind enough to share the world they founded. So this is why I am spending so much time here there.

Beyond this Book Candela Obscura Rule Book
While the Fairelands and the investigators of Candela Obscura are perpetually locked in a cycle of mystery, conflict, and horror, that does not mean your table is bound by a specific narrative. There’s nothing you’ve read here that is immutable or sacrosanct. If you’d rather your campaign occur in a time and place other than the one provided here, we encourage you to explore new lands. If you’d rather invent a new history and culture for Candela Obscura, the organization is yours to modify as you wish.
We encourage you to take anything you read within this book and make it your own. Adjust and expand upon areas of this game in any way that fulfills the needs of your table. Trust yourself, trust your players, and trust the story you are building together. This world is now yours as much as it is ours, and we look forward to seeing the stories you tell with it.

Note: Crooked Mile, a "faraway" community and its branch scenarios including Locked In, Cirsea Odyssey, The Boneyard, Big Top Circus Shadows, Hawkshaw Investigations, Dr. Dutton's Expeditions, Foxglove Day School, Drury Row Theater, and Lumensmere are the property of Ann Dickerson.

*Chapter House Circle (a Candela Obscura research project) adaptations and derivatives are indicated with a variable. This product is adaptive content from or based on content created and owned by Darrington Press. Candela Obscura, Darrington Press, LLC 2023.
This product was created using the Darrington Press Community Gaming License. The Illuminated Worlds Standard Resource Document is owned and copyrighted by Darrington Press, LLC. All rights reserved. This product is based on the Adaptive Content created and owned by Darrington Press: Candela Obscura, Darrington Press LLC, 2023, available at
Darrington Press
by Darrington Press

Cover image: Black Ichor Roses Banner by ROD w/Midjourney


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