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Darnum Traveling Menagerie

At a Glance

  Cool air cascades over the small hills of the Farm Ward to welcome in the solace of night. The bright blue of day is slowly replaced by pale moonlight, leaving the land in a blanket of blackness. This night, however, is not like many for the Darnum traveling menagerie has arrived in town. Several wagons each colorfully adorned with murals of dancing fairies, painted clowns and harlequins, animals of all kinds, and more pour over the hill and down the road towards a flat opening. Accompanying them is the cacophonous sound of exotic yet charming pipe tunes as wild and whimsical brass gears turn and flicker like clockwork, drawing the eyes and ears of everyone around to partake in the spectacle.   Circling and circling, the bright wagons begin to spark and fizzle with wonderfully bright color as an unusually tall fellow leaps from the largest, brightest wagon. Matching the wagon, he wears a coat of bright red and pants of white tucked into impossibly shiny black boots. Spinning a cane, he begins to march in place, raising a candy cane-like bullhorn to his mouth.   “Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages! Be prepared to be surprised, hypnotized, and otherwise stupefied, for the Darnum traveling menagerie has come to put a smile on those faces!”   As the ringmaster finishes his announcement, a large and proud top hat is set into the air from seemingly nowhere. Catching it, the man dons it and begins to speak once more. “Let the fun commence- Hahaha!!” The music begins to play once more, filling the air with a charmingly playful march as the performers file out of their corresponding wagons. From the hills, parents and their children seem to fling themselves towards the awesome display.  

First Impressions

  It is rather difficult to peel your eyes away from one attraction for but a moment, yet there are many in the caravan to explore. An astonishing creature made of pure metal comedically stumbles forward, speaking in a monotone as small yellow lights flicker where the automata's eyes should be while a strongman with pallid skin flexes the elaborate tattoos along their arms and torso. Three halfings all dressed in bright colors climb atop the goliath, juggling pins between one another. Nearby a large Litorian with an elegant golden mane, leads massive wolves as tall as people about through rings of fire and has them perform tricks.  
"You'll never find anything quite like our show here so, I implore you, enjoy yourself to the fullest, my friend!"
- Lukan Darnum, Ringleader
    These spectacles easily draw the attention of children while one of the wagons, painted like a starry night sky, invites people inside to read their fortunes from within the crystalline ball. Behind it sits a smiling half elven woman with a brilliant smile and a third eye tattooed upon her forehead.   One of the walls of a wagon falls open instantaneously transforming into a stage as a human fellow in a black surcoat with lavish silver trim spins his mustache. He attempts to lure over those that wish to hear a wondrous story, enticing them with dancing motes of light and creatures of billowing smoke. Charmingly enough, a familiar dwarven fellow with fiery red hair and an elf with pale skin and dark hair accompany the stage. The dwarf engages in dialogue with the human as the story roles on and the elven man plays a rather ornate mandolin to dynamically match the fevered emotions of the tale. This performance is known far and wide as The Twins.      

Secrets & Rumors

  With such an awe-inspiring display comes a fair share of rumors many of which accuse Mr. Darnum, the ringleader, of manifesting the dark arts in order to bring his wagons wherever he pleases.   Rumor has it that the strongman goliath known as Mot has tattoos that tell the tales of the great deeds he performed before joining the menagerie: slaying a dragon, saving his village, defeating giants, and fighting back the undead. Whispers amongst the other performers, however, cast doubt upon the capabilities of the strongman.

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Author's Notes

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This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vos.

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