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Darnum Traveling Menagerie Troupe

Who's Who

  Lukan Darnum, The Ringleader   Lukan, often referred to as Mr. Darnum, is the leader of the traveling troupe. He is tall and thin with umber skin and a brilliant white smile. Always dressing for the occasion, he is seldom seen without a bright red surcoat, alabaster pants to match his vest, and his lustrous black boots. His head, clean shaven, is most often topped with a tall stovepipe hat with a violet ribbon about it to match his large puffy tie.  
"The destruction of the monotony of life, my friend, that is what it means to be happy"
- Lukan Darnum, Ringleader
  Mr. Darnum seems to disappear after introducing the menagerie, allowing his performers to take the spotlight in the literal and figurative sense.     Mot, The Strongman   Mot is a goliath, a pallid-skinned giant of a man that measures nearly eight feet in height. From head to toe, Mot is the spitting image of health. His face is hard and chiseled while completely bereft of facial hair. Heavily contrasting his skin are inky tattoos that wrap around his torso and down his arms telling all manner of stories. The one that Mot frequently boasts about is how he once defeated a dragon with only his hands and a single iron nail. The halfing trio always teases him, accusing him of always changing the story to impress people much like a fisherman would.     Amadeus, The Clockwork Marvel   Amadeus is a warforged that pretends to be an artificer's automata while, in reality, he himself is an artificer who constantly tinkers and modifies himself to seem more and more human. Amadeus, ironically enough, pretends to be even more artificial to put on a show for the audience. Mr. Darnum claims to have found Amadeus in a thicket far beyond the Ptolus covered in vines and caked with rust. With weeks of effort, he managed to reactivate the warforged who had no recollection of what happened. Grateful to his savior, he asked what he could do to repay the favor. Now, he performs with the rest of the troupe. Behind the scenes, the warforged constantly draws up blueprints and schematics whilst maintaining the mechanical elements of the wagons. The soothesayer, Gahanna, worries for him and makes sure that he doesn't grow distraught from the show, which she sees as all but humiliating.     Ann, Dha, & Tri, The Dynamic Trio   Each of the three are exceptional acrobats; they are nimble, quick, and witty. Supposedly, Ann, Dha, and Tri are triplet sisters who formed a gang in the Ptolus when they were incredibly young. With Ann's brains, Dha's speed, and Tri's charisma, they quickly garnered a reputation for being trouble makers. As they caused trouble, they began to rack up bounties that they could never hope to evade. Fleeing the city to the farm ward, they lived in the Tent City, thieving and stealing until they once again found themselves in over their heads.  
"Yeah... Getting into trouble seems to be a specialty of ours these days. I think that this whole troupe thing is a good way to keep our faces off the wanted posters, y'know?"
- Tri of The Dynamic Trio
  Mr. Darnum had realized that he was missing an awful lot of money after an evening show. He quickly discovered that three of the supposed children at the performances were not children at all. Through some unknown means, he found the lot of them and made an offer that they couldn't quite refuse.     Dances with Beasts, The Animal Handler   Not much is known about this particular Litorian. He is, however, rather strange. Taller and broader with a brilliant golden mane and a costume similar to Mr. Darnum's, people are intrigued to watch as a beastkin makes show animals out of shockingly huge dire wolves. Known for his silent performances, Dancer has the wolves perform tricks and jump through hoops set ablaze.  
"Ah, Dancer? He's a kindly fellow indeed. I understand that his pride-ful appearance can be a might intimidating but, rest assured, he has a massive heart and loves an audience"
- Deniol von Kalter, The Crimson Troubadour
    Gahanna, The Seer   Competing for the most mysterious of the group, Gahanna's wagon is filled with fetishes of wood and string alongside dreamcatchers with patterns that mimic spider webs. A half-elven woman wearing a simple robe tied with a golden cinch sits upon a pillow. She has copper skin and green eyes with wavy dark hair silhouetting the tattooed eye in the middle of her forehead. According to the other troupe members, she is from the Ptolus but has heeded the call of her ancestors to return to a life upon the road as she found no satisfaction in remaining in the slums for the rest of her life. A talented druid, it is said that she can predict the future.  
"We are a family, so of course we are not without our disputes. Deniol and Gahanna are often at each-others throats on the basis of philosophy. I cannot help but feel that they judge one another for their differing sources of magic"
- Amadeus,The Clockwork Marvel
    Deniol von Kalter, The Crimson Troubadour   Storyteller and illusionist von Kalter is easily one of the most unusual performances within the troupe. Whilst others perform spectacles, von Kalter tells stories and weaves magic into grand illusions. Weaving dragons of smoke and serpents of fire, Deniol often makes his audience gasp in surprise and awe. He wears a full suit of black with silver trim with a waxed mustache and ivory tie.  
"That human takes himself far too seriously. Even at the mention of magic, he insists that the arcane is superior to all. I must steel myself from tearing that mustache from his lip"
- Gahanna, The Seer
  Deniol, in his youth, was supposedly the apprentice of wizard who died when he was but a boy. In an attempt to piece together their notes, he taught himself much of the magic his mentor left behind.


Author's Notes

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This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vos.

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