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Tormian Reincarnation

When wearing these Lenses of Translation, you notice the handwriting is very familiar. When looking at another book, the handwriting is not so familiar. ... You recognize the handwriting now - it is your own.
— Session notes for the player character Echedir
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In the history of Tormyra, when The Three are reborn, certain groups of Elves gave the world their specific recurring hero born. The fate of the most recent has not been recorded as having ended in the previous cycle. The Three - heroes or villains - are reborn when Tormyra needs them most.

While the Three are specific individuals reborn again and again in cycles, the Tormians believe all living beings are reincarnated under the guidance of Zyrian, the diety of Death, Time, and Renewal.

The Undead

The disruption of the reincarnation cycle is part of why the Undead are abhorrent to Zyrian. They refuse the next cycle, or are ripped away from the cycle, which is part of her domain. Zyrian's priesthood seeks to lay the dead to rest and keep the living from dying too soon.

"Zyrian teaches us not to fear death, but to be ready to accept it. When she rotates the Glass, our loved ones lost in the year before begin to make their way towards reincarnation."

The Exception?

His Late Highness Michinus Mirakonan is seen as a powerful mage due to his extended un-life and still prominent status in society.

However, he participates in lively debates with religious leaders who preach the deities' words - when not dealing with half-hearted assassination attempts. Many of these debates seem to deal with the notion of reincarnation and identifying reincarnated souls.

The Three

Champion of Farobia

The Forest Elven member of the Three. The Champion of Courage is just as often the embodiment of Fear to their enemies, just as Farobia, the Green Goddess is the goddess of everything brave and everything nightmarish. The Champion of Courage is often depicted as being a warrior - mage or not - willing to face great odds others will not

Champion of Distus

The Nomadic Elven member of the Three. The Champion of Power is also the embodiment of Domination towards anyone who challenges their authority, just as Name, the Red Goddess is the goddess of everything strong and authoritive. The Champion of Power is often depicted as being ambitious and willing to fight for what is theirs to defend or claim.

Champion of Nyche

The High Elven member of the Three. The Champion of Wisdom is often the embodiment of every wise being and being every secret personified, like how Nyche, the Blue Goddess is depicted as every wise law and every secret trechery. The Champion of Wisdom is often depicted as being willing to plan for every contingency, and being willing to use the means on hand.

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Corvo Branco
Corvo Branco
2 Nov, 2020 20:19

I would not place a symbol of Zyrian in my own personal altar, I think. Never felt right to me the trope relating necromancy to evil, or undeads to some sort of violation. Healing magic and necromancy look like branches of a same three_and deities like Zyrian sound like hypocrites_ to me. On the other hand, I can easily visualize our fellow Michinus Mirakonan engaging his undead self in intense theological debates around the topic reincarnation.

2 Nov, 2020 22:00

For Zyrian, necromancy is a disruption of the "cycle" souls go through - birth, life, death, renewal, birth. She's also not a deity of healing, however, that's another's domain. The Tormian Pantheon is mostly based on balancing two extremes, and for Zyrian, that is death and renewal of life. Her perceive hypocrite status is one of several points of story conflict.
As for not putting an hourglass on your altar (her symbol is an hourglass held my a skeletal hand with flower growing out of the glass), you're not alone in not wanting that symbol on your altar. How do I put it? Zyrian is a deity people pay respect to, but she's not a beloved deity either. In some ways, she's the personification of traditionalism.

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