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Paladins of Anoch

Long ago in the war for the World of Anoch against the Eternal Harmony, the great sorceress Asherah created 13 Disiir to aid in the war. These Disiir were extremely powerful beings who then gathered those willing to fight the Eternal Harmony to them. These followers would dedicate themselves to service of their Disiir Paragon, and in return the Disiir granted her followers great strength, speed, endurance, healing. These followers came to be known as Paladins.   This was not enough to save Anoch from the Eternal Harmony. Three of the Disiir and their Paladins would be destroyed in the war, a fourth would infamous betray Asherah and take her Paladins and join the Eternal Harmony. With the war lost, a huge train of refugees fled through the World-Gate to Archeron as the Exiles of Anoch. Asherah shouldered the responsibility of defending the refugees in their long trek across the ruined city-world of Archeron, and the Disiir and their Paladin Orders were at the front line of that defence.   They have been trekking across the ruins of Archeron for over 100 years. During that time more Disiir and their Paladins have died. Now only 4 Disiir and their Paladin Order's are thought to still survive; the Malageics, the Rolendics, and the Ogeirics. The Disiir Romaera survives but after all her Tirardic Paladins were wiped out, she refuses to accept any new followers.   The remnants of a 5th Paladin Order, the Aliveirics exist, but with the death of their Disiir, they have become something else, something strange that makes the other Paladin Orders uncomfortable. The Aliveiric Paladins are now known as Revenants, and though Asherah is disturbed by them, she still accepts them as part of her command.   Finally, despite what the other Paladin Orders believe, Kelaeya and her Duranaic Paladins also survive, but much reduced in number. They are lost in the ruins of Archeron.

Military, Knightly Order
Parent Organization

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