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Ganeleic Paladins

An order of Paladins that serve and support the Paragon, Pariaya. Each Paladin helps empower their Paragon with their faith and dedication whilst the Paragon allows her Paladins to call upon her power both in battle and without. Though there are no old Paladins, a Paragon does slow down the aging process for their Paladin followers. One of many Paladin Orders that are the greatest protectors of the Exiles of Anoch as they trek across the ruined city-world of Archeron.   The Ganeleics, led by Pariaya betrayed Asherah and the people of Anoch by joining the Eternal Harmony. Today they are amongst some of the greatest soldiers of the Eternal Harmony and number around 5000.

Military, Knightly Order
Parent Organization
Paladins of Anoch
World of Nuzakhah
Notable Members

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