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Aliveiric Paladins

An order of Paladins that serve and support the Disiir, Ephaela. Paladins get increased strength, speed, endurance & healing from their Disiir Paragons. A Disiir also slows down the aging process for their Paladin followers, though no Paladin survives long enough to get old.   The Aliverics were all killed 5 years ago when the Exiles of Anoch were attacked by a gathering of around 9 Epheirim (vampires) and a horde of ravenous Ghulan. The Aliverics were not the only Paladin Order to die during this attack. The Duranaics were believed killed, whilst the Tirardic Paladins were actually killed.   After the death of her Aliveirics, their Disiir Ephaela sacrificed herself to resurrect her Paladins. Somehow the Ailiveirics are faster, stronger, and heal quicker than when Ephaela was alive, and in battle somehow the shade of Ephaela will appear to fight alongside her Paladins. The Ailiveirics have become withdrawn, unwilling to socialise with others, and become known as the Revenants to the other Orders, and not even Asherah understands what has happened to them.   The Vigil would consider the Aliveirics to be Molichi abominations and would seek to destroy them.

Dissolution Date
Civilian, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
Parent Organization
Paladins of Anoch
Notable Members

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