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The Ghulan are the mutated remnants of the Aalevi, the Humani, and the Urashi servants of the Ehoshim, on the world-city of Archeron. They roam the dark ruins constantly looking for food and each other can be a substitute when posible. They are twisted and mindless beings, ravenous for the flesh of others. In their madness they ripped their eyes out but it seems to have had little effect on their hunting skills. They are found everywhere on Archeron in great numbers, but they avoid the areas around the Portal Henges. The Gates give off a strange vibration that disturbs them.   The Thitan, Ohavael has attempted to revert the madness and mutations of some of the Ghulan at Nolvangr. He was successful to a degree, he has helped them recover their senses but their is a strange detached emotionlessness to them, and a fearsome capacity to kill. These recovered Ghulan are known as the Vinherjar.

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