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Long ago in the war for the World of Anoch against the Eternal Harmony, the great sorceress Asherah created 13 Disiir to aid in the war. These Disiir were extremely powerful beings who then gathered those willing to fight the Eternal Harmony to them. These followers would dedicate themselves to service of their Disiir, and in return the Disiir granted her followers great strength, speed, endurance, healing. These followers came to be known as Paladins, and they would often refer to their Disiir as Paragons.   The Disiir appear as tall beautiful stately females surrounded by a soft glow and bright wings of light that enable them to fly. They are extremely strong, fast, and agile.   Today only 6 Disiir remain, Iespera, Nemeiza, Seluina, Kelaeya, Romaera & the renegade Pariaya. A seventh Disiir, Ephaela killed herself 5 years ago in an effort to resurrect her Aliveiric Paladins that had died defending her. Something, no-one, not even Asherah thought possible.   Most Ehoshim, especially the Vigil would be consider the Disiir to be Daeva (abominations) of the Mammuri type, and would try to destroy them.

Parent Organization
Exiles of Anoch
Subsidiary Organizations

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