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Daeva (Abominations)

The Vigil see it as their mission to police the universe and prevent the rise of powers that would threaten it. They often refer to these powers as Daeva(Abominations) and they divide them into 6 types, and the type of abomination determines whether the Vigil will imprison then in Tantharos or destroy them. The types of abominations are;  

  1. Aessuri - The Powers. Often sorcerers who have the power to affect or even destroy worlds. The most dangerous but they are still people in the rigid code the Vigil follow, so the Vigil will go out of their way to imprison them rather than kill them. These make up the majority of those imprisoned in Tantharos
  2. Baali - The Possessed. These are seen as unfortunates. They are often possessed by creatures from the Hollow which the Vigil see as their job to send them back. The Possessed are not really seen as people anymore so the Vigil though they Vigil put some effort to be careful about the host bodies, destroying the occupying entity is the primary goal. Some do end up in Tantharos though.
  3. Mammuri - Constructs or artificial beings. These are seen as something that should not exist, and the Vigil have no qualms about destroying them no matter how sentient they are.
  4. Molichi - The Undead. Another that the Vigil believe should not exist. Resurrecting the dead is against one of their oldest laws, so they do not hold back when destroying them.
  5. Vainnuri - The Changed. The most common as they are just anyone transformed in someway by magic. The Vigil most often just leave them alone as few are a world level threat, so the Vigil often just pity them. Some do find their way to imprisonment in Tantharos though.
  6. The Dimmu - The Corrupted. These are the Ehoshim that were on Aaru when it shattered. They have been fragmented, existing on multiple worlds of the Heptarchy at the same time. These being make the Vigil uncomfortable, and something they prefer to avoid if possible. Though the Epheirim can make it difficult. The Vigil have tried to imprison Dimmu before but it never works since as soon as they are put into a stasis cell they die. Some theorise that it might be because they are still linked in someways to their other selves and the stasis cell breaks that connection, but no-one really knows for sure.

Subsidiary Organizations

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