Bounty Hunter

A Hunter is an individual who hunts and kills or captures the wanted in return for money.



Hunters are extremely critical of their surroundings. They inspect areas like detectives, gathering clues in order to determine where their target has gone to. Hunters also require charisma, as it is of vital importance to retain as much information on the subject as possible.   Alongside that is the ability to protect themselves. Hunters are often in dangerous or precarious situations, but price is always associated with risk. If the bounty price is higher, the more risky they tend to be. Additionally, some bounties may be passive bounties, in which the bounty hunter can come away peacefully with the wanted. In these situations, this is where charisma is of utmost importance.

Career Progression

Bounty Hunters often work alone, and thus progress in the ways they see fit. Some Hunting Associations have certain specifications to get in, as well as their own hierarchies.

Payment & Reimbursement

If a Hunter is well renowned in their job, they can attain some bounties as high as 700,000-1,500,000XL. Working smaller bounties has its ups and downs too, as the smaller bounties are often harmless in comparison, which usually ends in peaceful exchange.



Bounty Hunters go after individuals that certain factions cannot, as the target may be outside of their range or deep in enemy borders. This allows factions to retrieve lawbreakers more effectively, as the classic principle of information moving faster than soldiers. If a reward is posted in a larger region, more people will go after the subject, thus coagulating its location.



Bounty Hunters must gauge appearance as well as weaponry, as a junky-looking individual might not score well visually to some others. Many bounty hunters take this into account, and wear weaponry either minimally showing or completely hidden, while keeping the gentlemen/woman appearance.
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