East Black Cats

The East Black Cats are a semi-autonomous company of highly trained, well equipped and versatile mercenaries hired by the Dulurouse Corporation to protect Beylu City and the Left Wall, as well as any of their assets.


The East Black Cats are integrated with the I.H.M.D. ranks. Refer to the I.H.M.D. page.

Public Agenda

The East Black Cats are dominated by money. They will work for anyone who offers them the better deal. As of late, the I.H.M.D. is unmatched.


The East Black Cats have whatever the I.H.M.D. give them to their disposal. At personal arsenal, they have equipment ranging from recon drones to armored vehicles, as well as a varied supply of small arms.


The East Black Cats were founded in 12548. They were created as a Tornun private military corporation which vowed to protect corporate assets in the event of a cataclysmic catastrophe. When such catastrophe occurred, they held off in Beylu city and Valu City for as long as possible, before being ordered into the I.H.M.D. in 12556.   As of 12562, the East Black Cats have been fighting in Beylu to try and regain control of the city.
Founding Date
Military, Mercenary Group
Alternative Names
Cats, Ebbies,
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Black Cats
Related Professions
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities


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