The One Wall

The One Wall is a massive citadel. Surrounded by five layers of solid concrete wall, fence, and barbed wire, this fortress is essentially incapable of being sieged by small scale forces such as Raiders.




The One Wall's nature of government has been hotly debated over time. Some may argue it is currently an oligarchy. Although it includes public voting, the votes are often fraudulent and heavily influenced by monetary gain.


The One Wall is caged in behind five layers of wall, fence, and watch towers. Absolutely no one has been able to leave, ever since the Attack of 12562.

Industry & Trade

The One Wall's main trade outgoing is weaponry. Considering the I.H.M.D. has several assets around the world, both the One Wall and Right Wall were tasked with equipment and ammunition processing. This abundance has allowed them to flourish as a weapons market, supplying Selahktia with many high tech gadgets. Because of this, many Selahktian inhabitants are more armed, and the prices of weapons are lower than in most places.


The One Wall has grown in recent years do to the influx of refugees. In the original design plans, it was meant to have included the Opocorp Energy Plant, which came from the city's river dam that ran straight through the heart. Unfortunately, when the chaos hit, this was not secured, and they were left with the water treatment plant and hydroponics which the crisis response had set up. Without a very little source of clean water to drink, they fought until they expanded into the dam, holding it today.
Alternative Name(s)
The Wall
Inhabitant Demonym
Waller, Onesian.
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