Raiders are individuals who pillage and thieve in order to obtain their living, often targeting caravaneers or prospectors.



Raiders will almost always find themselves in a fight, especially when it comes to raiding caravaneers. As such, many raiders should be extremely adept in combat and strategy to outsmart their opponents.

Payment & Reimbursement

While raiding comes with the associated risks, the payouts are usually large with small investments in well organized raider groups. Raider groups who are skilled in their craft can make out with two or three caravan sets in a week, which can add up to an incredible amount of Xel depending on the cargo in question.



Raiders have one thing in common with both caravaneers and prospectors, and that is that they must travel light. Many well-equipped raiders travel by Armor Back, and approach their targets on foot out of caution. Additionally, they are almost always armed for a fight, as one is certainly inevitable.

Dangers & Hazards

Living the life of a raider is a dangerous pathway, and one will fight for their life day and night in order to survive.
Alternative Names
Bandits, Insurgents, Renegades


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