The Fringe

"In a world with no order, our first ancestors were built upon the royalties of hierarchy. I do say, in this fitting time, such hierarchy must be reestablished." - Don Marqe   The Fringe are a group of vigilante survivors who believe in a strict hierarchy in order to restore civilization.


The Fringe works on a strict and set hierarchy system. The more work one puts into the system, the higher one climbs the ranks. This system is highly effective in indoctrinating those who are desperate for safety, and thus converting these members into the group mentality.   There are two sets of ranks. The Hierarchy, which concludes how much power one has, and the Career, which details one's job.  

The Hierarchy

  • Freshling - Newest members of the crowd.
  • Member - After sufficient work put in, Members overlook Freshlings, and thus have more authority over them.
  • Squad Leader - A Squad Leader is in control of a specific number of Members and Freshlings.
  • Regioneer - Regioneers are responsible for an entire region, be it a small town or large city.
  • Chief - Chiefs are responsible for a council of Regioneers.
  • Crowned - The one and true Crowned, which is in control and has the ultimate say among the entire group.

The Careers

  • Scavanger - Men/Women with this rank are responsible for gaining supplies. Typically given to lower ranks, such as Freshlings or Members.
  • Gardener - Farmers of the Fringe, they are responsible for farming for the group. This is also given to lower ranks.
  • Combatant - Combatants are given to Members and Squad Leaders, and typically are tasked with combat missions or guarding remaining settlements.
  • Bounty Hunter - Bounty Hunters are recruited from the Member list, and sent to kill specific targets which higher ranked individuals seek. At times, it can even include members within the group.
  • General - Generals command combatants in operations. The minimum rank for this Career is Regioneer.

Public Agenda

The Fringe are motivated by order. They believe that the world's nature has not changed, rather that simply the governments from before the Event were weak, and that a true order must be set by power to control the individuals under their wing. They believe that if one cannot survive the wastes, one is not fit for power.   True strength, in their eyes, comes from not just the physical fitness of an individual, but mental fitness as well.


The Fringe have most of the resources that most waste roamers have.    


  The Fringe are often equipped with semi-automatic weapons, or bolt actions, which were designed for hunting, rather than combat. Some have created modifications to their weapons, such as bump stocks or even creating their own firearms out of various parts.  


  The Fringe are a gatherer group, and mostly live off what they can find in old ruins. Some settlements have small gardens for self-sustaining food, however these are usually small operations that can hardly feed the population at hand.  


  The Fringe are rarely seen using vehicles, as they believe it eliminates the stealth aspect. However, they do possess vehicles for long range movement, especially across the north Selahktian border.



Demography and Population

The Fringe are exclusively Normatite, although sometimes accept Periciles or Yetinaphs because of their stereotypical usefulness, but not without bigotry.


The Fringe occupy most of North Selahktia, and some of south Tornun, from Pollomocke, Vundaschate, Rayla, and more towns in Tornun.

Foreign Relations

The Fringe are enemies to most states around, including the I.H.M.D., the A.R.D., and formerly, the U.T.R. As of late, they are indifferent about Executio, either out of fear or ignorance.
Founding Date
Illicit, Syndicate
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The Vigil
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Feudal state
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Barter system
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