"They don't take kindly to anyone but Normatites there."   Normatites are the closest descendants of the Outuans, otherwise known as Humanity. They've generally retained the human features, at the exception of the Termoyl gland integrated within all inhabitants of Ciphrus. Most of their population had gathered within Tornun, the most powerful pre-event nation on the planet, due to its strict prohibition against tagon, as well as its xenophobic political stances. It was the Normatites whose ideologies spearheaded the formation of the IHMD, contributed most to its development, and attained the majority of its leadership positions.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Their names branch from humanity: Perseus Akanni Will Carlton Santiago Gonzales Occasionally, their names incorporate other Ciphrinian traditions: Mre Frederikson Juntak Muses Willow Untalo


Major language groups and dialects


Shared customary codes and values

Normatites often hold Ciphrin supremacist values, advocating for their own communities before any others. Though they usually abstain from all research of tagon, their admiration towards the traditional technologies and beliefs of their predecessor, humanity, has motivated many advancements in military weapons and strategies.

Average technological level

Normatites, at the height of their technology, resided in Tornun. They were capable of great feats such as genetic engineering and complex weaponry in the palm of a hand. The Tornian Army even had exosuits for a specific battalion of soldiers, and supplied these to the I.H.M.D. after the Collapse.

Common Dress code

Before Zero day, Normatites typically dressed in expensive suits and elegant dresses, flairing their luxuries wherever they went. Post-event, however, fashion has become much less of a concern for most.

Art & Architecture

With a keen eye for detail, Normatites hold rigid standards for what constitutes art.


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