"Before, Ciphrus was said to be 'developed' by Ciphrin advancement founded upon Diphrin desperation. The ideals of few were made to be upheld by many. The IHMD is the sole remnant of that old world, and I intend to bring an end to its partisan authority." --Blink



  Executio was initially founded by Justicar and Blink as a revolutionary faction in opposition to the continued existence of exploitative social structures following Zero Day. It gained notoriety through its successful campaigns against the IHMD, severing several cities in Selahktia from Wall authorities. After liberating Stagerd Concordia, the political leadership of Executio was disbanded in favor of supporting the growing autonomous communities in Western Selahktia, though it is speculated that Blink has retained her position in a smaller military faction alongside Rora Neltek, a distinguished IHMD deserter. Justicar, on the other hand, has seemingly disappeared entirely, leading to some rumors about his death or retirement.  


Local councils are encouraged to convene regularly to assess the current circumstances of a region.  


While the commanders still organize some of the faction's major movements throughout Ciphrus, the majority of Executio is composed of individually acting groups. All that is required of a local militia to be associated with Executio is a common adherence to the currently set principles of the faction.

Public Agenda

I. No standard will be set upon any person(s). i. Being so, all inhabitants of Ciphrus are free to determine their circumstances uninhibited by unjust structures.


While much of the arsenal that Executio's insurgents operate with is scavenged, it has recently begun to manufacture its own vehicles and weaponry in the factories it has captured. It continues to steal whatever IHMD equipment that it comes across as well, but terokon continues to be its greatest advantage over opposing factions. In light of this, its head researcher, Blink, has accomplished integrating terokon into technology, which may be applied toward future experimental weaponry.


Blink and Justicar met in the Phadado Islands shortly before Zero day, where they quickly became well acquainted with one another's similar disdain for the discrimination against Diphrins throughout Ciphrus. When the Event occured, they worked together to support the communities they encountered while traveling up the western continent towards Selakhtia, where the two had hoped to seek shelter in the recently established IHMD. When they reached the ARD, they witnessed the mistreatment of Diphrin communities firsthand, which they immediately protested against actively. This action would soon lead to their ejection from the settlement, along with a somewhat sizeable group that the local officials of the IHMD had judged to be accomplices in their subversion. This small group decided upon the single existing principle of Executio, growing into the insurrection movement that it is today.


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Illicit, Rebel
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Gift economy
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