Usivale (A.R.D.)

Usivale is a town of around 15,000 people. It is currently the home of the infamous A.R.D.


The A.R.D. consists of plenty of different races and origins, as it does not discriminate against visitors. However, a majority of its permanent residents are Normatite.


The A.R.D. is run by a four-man council known as the Mages by local hearsay. They consist of the "Old Man," who owns the A.R.D. Inn, Mrs. Dapha, a Normatite woman who owns a private Armory, and Reymanul, a young Monox man who runs the Infirmary.


The A.R.D. is surrounded by a series of makeshift palisades from pieces of thick sheet metal, wood, barbed wire, tires, and sandbags, as well as some military installations, surround about four square city blocks from the rest of the city.   There is a 24-hour watch in two, twelve hour shifts. These men and women are equipped with old military gear from before the Event. While it's not as nice as the more premier I.H.M.D. gear, it still fits the bill and can deter most raiders. Among this are a couple of armed trucks, and a working armored patrol car.

Industry & Trade

The A.R.D. is the keystone of all or most trade coming in or out of Selahktia. The One Wall, as they cannot directly trade with other, farther settlements, uses the A.R.D. as a proxy. They buy shipments which the A.R.D. orders, although at a slightly elevated price so the salesmen can make profit. This means that the One Wall only accepts A.R.D. Traders.   Other types of more private and personal trade are conducted here, such as craftsmen selling wares, or mercenaries up for hire.


Most of Usivale is buried deep in overgrowth and rubble, however the sectioned off area of the A.R.D. is blocked using thick cargo crates, sheet metal, tires, and barbed wire to keep from the rest of the outside. It takes up a total of four blocks, and a street intersection, making it one of the smaller settlements, yet heavily fortified.  
Some buildings of interest are:  

The A.R.D. Inn

  The Inn is home to many explorers with stories to tell, and drunks to beat. It also has a bounty board, which Hunters can accept bounties for rewards.  

Dapha's Armory

  Dapha's Armory provides a wide selection of firearms and enhancement tools to further an explorer's efficiency in combat.  

The Infirmary

  The Infirmary is an old office space which has since been turned into a wide hospital to treat wounded and sickly. They also sell medical supplies for the road.  

The Marketplace

  The Marketplace, located on the road heading west, has a wide variety of goods depending on those who take shop there. Gunsmiths, Entrepreneurs, and hitmen alike, take post in this area to sell their product. Explorers can also take hold of a spot, if they so happen to find one open in this busy trade center.

Guilds and Factions

While Usivale was formerly owned by the I.H.M.D., it is now classified as its own faction: The A.R.D.


Usivale is a small town, with most of its high density buildings not exceeding three floors. The A.R.D. resides within the heart of the town.


Alternative Name(s)
The Alternative Requisition Depot, A.R.D.
14239 (Pre-Event), 55-200 (Post-Event, varied heavily based on visitors.)
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
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