The Elatendea

The Uniform of the Jinteaci Guard

by MissIzette
'[The Elatendea,] How noble could it be truly considered when it is merely the garb of spendthrifts and rakes who laze away on military pensions?"
— Adelphia Lefèvre - writer of Adisoda & Candelario
  The Elatendea is recognisable to most Currean people as the uniform of the corrupt yet highly respected Jinteaci Guards - the regiment who have protected the countless Larramendi monarchs of Cuerero since its inception, 447 years ago, and continue to do so. Many of the lower classes desire to one day be clad in such garments. However, very few achieve such a dream due to the rules and regulations imposed and maintained throughout its storied history.  


"As the Jinteaci have begun accepting some to their rank by merit rather than birth [and expanded into the lower classes of Cuerero]. How do those at the top expect those lucky, scant few into paying such a hefty sum for unimportant and clunky decorative vestments, especially when times are tough as they are now with all these famines and plagues?"
Clímaco Lefèvre, chief advisor to King Aitor III, in his personal journal

The Elatendea is comprised of many components, up to twenty-five depending occasionally on circumstance or standing within the hierarchy of the guards. However, one can catagorise all the layers into 4 categories:


In Cuerero, and its neighbouring states, male undergarments are simple. They consist plain linen (or wool) braies (called Telima), scherts (Protabic), and hosery, known as Pabina. They are the cheapest section of the uniform because of their simplicity. And with this simplicity, many pranksters throughout the years have tried to have the clothing dyed a more eccentric colour.

Basic Dress

Over their undergarments, a guardsman - as specified in The Uniform Code - should wear a plain, white tunic as it is the least noticeable when underneath the bright, yellow officer coat, embellished with a large pauldron on each shoulder. Although, with the passage of time, they have grown a more decorative than functional feature. Most of the outfit otherwise is plain yet made with the most immaculate of fabrics available, to look presentable besides a monarch yet not outshine them.


Even though Armour is a misnomer for such cosmetic pieces, many in Cuerero refer to the Pauldrons and Poleyn as such. These items are specifically crafted by the elite Faber Family of blacksmiths. They also craft the rapier that goes alongside the ensemble.


Many of the guardsmen have Ilusiona. These are to be worn on one's person in 'a discreet manner'. Because of the ambiguity of this rule, where they are worn depends upon the soldier. However, the most common place they are worn is tucked in beneath belt. Guardsmen also wear clasps, capes and a set of white gloves when in the monarch's presence.

  The ever so famous hat
by Miss Izette

One of the most recognisable parts of the Elatendea is the hat that accompanies it, although it is merely a modified form of the standard hat worn by officers. As on the standard hat, there are fours pieces of fabric, 2 of each of the national colours, as a representation of patriotism. There too is a Camidant upon the helmet as standard. However, the most remarkable part of this hat is the feathers upon it.

The two feathers come from the Menadas Bird, the national bird of Cuerero not only for its colours.

Attached to the feathers, it is a mix of beads, whose symbolism has been lost over the years and has become merely an aesthetic addition to the costume. Those beads once used to be diamonds and other jewels, however, as the Jinteaci have grown to accept a rare few members upon merit, this has been phased out due to concerns over their cost.




"I'd say that even something most archaic evolves and adapts to their times. Otherwise, they will fall away. But whether it be in obscurity or not is not a question I could answer as I am mortal."
— unknown author
by Miss Izette
As most - in not all - things do, the Elatendea has evolved over the years they've protected many a king or queen. Most changes come from a decorative or an aesthetic viewpoint, as the guards have become more for pageantry and display rather than protecting the monarch they serve.  

Aesthetic changes

- The adding of a second, blue feather to the hat

- The addition of decorative clasps

- The addition of a cape

- The almost constant wearing of rapiers

More functional changes

- The addition of pockets where needed

- The reducing of garments that need to be produced by specific tailors

- The changing of jewels to beads to reduce cost

- The relaxing of laws regarding specific fabrics

  Besides that, most of the changes have been to comply with the military uniform of the era. Although, military uniform rarely changes drastically so the guards can often get away with older garments. However, it is not ideal. Nonetheless, certain aspects of the Elantendea are unchangeable. Whether it be through history, concessions or royal decree.

Cover image: by Miss Izette


Author's Notes

Hello! Hello!

Thank you for reading, this is my first article in this world! And suprisingly enough, I am rather proud of it. This is also the first time I have drawn for a article, whether it be on my defunct Gwladia world or this new world of Chasuria!

Miss Izette!

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What a great hat ... I mean uniform! Really well drawn, I especially like the hat ^^ Also interesting how the guard is not allowed to show too much of illusiona as to not seem to important while near royalty :p   I do wonder is there anything to help people who are poor to get accepted? Since I think such a superb outfit will possibly even be too much to pay for some people :)

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Thank you Dejers! Your article was splendid and I am very much rooting for you to win!   I am planning to talk about the changes in depth in my proper article on the guards themselves! But this is my current explanation for now, I might change in future however, don't quote me on this - I am still workshopping a vast majority of my ideas.   In Cuerero, at least, the common folk don't know much of the Jinteaci Guards as rumours and information is passed down through the ranks of society. And often, with that, most tales are heavily altered, have section wholly omitted or they do not make it down to commoners, therefore keeping the high-levels of respect within the peasantry, and they are the ones who dream of becoming guardsmen.   It is also a good way of getting political power ;)

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Wonderful article! It is very detailed and complete. I like a lot that you included the cultural aspects of the outfit, giving us more details about the world and its people. The quotes surely help a lot to give that information in a way different to straight telling.   The artwork is lovely! Very clean , detailed and cute! The colors are bright and eye catching! I already liked it a lot when I saw it on Discord. I think my favorite element of it is the hat :D Also, interesting layout. It is maybe the only entry I've seen without sidebar...

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I really love the outfit! It looks so nice, the art is really great. I can totally see why some people’s goals are to wear them one day :) (Also I’m gonna have to disagree with Mr. Chief Advisor to the King, aesthetic is never unimportant!!!)   Each of the four categories is nice. I like how there is the misnomer added in there, it adds a very organic feel to the outfit that makes it even better. I can only imagine what this Uniform Code says, there must be so many small things that go into wearing this uniform!   So the guards are really just for show now? Were they replaced by something, or is that just a natural evolution of their role in the progression of society? Would they still need to step in to save the king, and would anything about the outfit as it is now hinder them in doing so? I’d assume that cape is not very helpful.

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I am wondering if it is for a gaming world or a story? Or maybe you are just having fun worldbuilding. In any case I loved it.

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