Challaria Moran Duchy Timeline

Moran Duchy


Years before the founding of the duchy that are important enough to be remembered still today

Moran Duchy Years

Counting from the foundation of the Duchy

  • 0 MD

    1 /1 13:00
    5 MD

    Cadric is First Duke
    Political event

    Cadric unites the centre of the growing Moran settlements of northern Tarusia to form the Duchy

  • 0 MD

    1 /1 13:00

    Foundation of the Moran Duchy

    Cadric establishes control over the territories of the Duchy, uniting a range of smaller settlements and feudal lordships (similar in organisation of the Little Kingdoms). The main intent was to destroy, drive out or assimilate the remaining Taru - Cadric was ambivalent about which, he just wanted to be able to get on with settling the lands he had.

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  • 5 MD

    12 MD

    Carbase is Second Duke
    Political event

    The elder son of Cadric, Carbase's rule was short lived due to campaigning to drive the Taru into the mountains.

  • 12 MD

    25 MD

    Carron is Third Duke
    Political event

    Cadric's younger son. He stabilised the Duchy as an entity and died in single combat with Jorath.

  • 25 MD

    Setting of the Legend of Carron's Daughter
    Life, Death
  • 25 MD

    59 MD

    Caddock is Fourth Duke

    Though ridiculed in his first years as Duke for having been knocked out by his sister, Caddock managed by luck and judgement to secure the Duchy and the heritable nature of the Dukedom.

  • 37 MD

    Issue of the first Duchy Coinace
    Financial Event

    The first coinage minted in the Moran Duchy, was one of the first coinages to be struck after the migration phase and has remained in ise in one form or another in the intervening centuries.

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  • 59 MD

    93 MD

    Cadrill is Fifth Duke

  • 74 MD

    Highborough Tithing added to the Duchy
    Political event

    The upland area joins the Duchy in it’s first territorial expansion since forming.

  • 89 MD

    Durranby Tithing the Duchy
    Political event

    Concerned by increasingly militaristic and expansionist tendencies in the Kingdom of Mor, the independent lands of Durranby joint the Duchy

  • 93 MD

    108 MD

    Cadric the Second is Sixth Duke

    After 15 years as Duke, he abdicates, becoming a hermit.

  • 103 MD

    Addition of Morsby Tithing
    Political event

    The Tithing of Morsby joins the Duchy. Why? I don’t know - maybe they liked the colour of its flag!

  • 107 MD

    The Treaty of Durranmouth
    Diplomatic action

    A tetrapartite treaty between the Moran Duchy, the Kingdom of Mor, the Freeport of Durranmouth and the Fiefdom of Hough aspects of use of the river for trade, power and fisheries were agreed and some boundary adjustments made. Marks the end of the Kingdom’s attempts at expansion beyond the Duran.

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  • 108 MD

    125 MD

    Cadman is Seventh Duke

    Following Cadric II's decision to abdicate, his younger brother...

  • 118 MD

    The Dowerland added

    Transfer of a land parcel to the Duchy on Carric's marriage to Carra Hango

  • 118 MD

    Cadu marries Carra Hango

    This marriage brought the Dowerland into the Duchy as a marriage portion further stabilising the improved political relationships along the Durran in the wake of the Treaty of Durranmouth.

  • 150 MD

    Carric's Reforms

    Overby Tithing split out form Morton as estate for the heir apparent to the Duchy and Durranston Tithing created.

  • 160 MD

    180 MD

    The Great Range Campaign
    Military action

    Under the Alliance of Fenton, the Duchy and the Kingdom suppress the Taru and gain lands to on the far side of the Great range. Ends with 3 new tithings created in the Duchy's new lands.

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  • 196 MD

    202 MD

    Expansion of Morton's Perimeter Defences
    Construction beginning/end

    Construction of the Second Wall of Morton, following the line now traced by Newall Street.

  • 200 MD

    Loss of the Three New Tithings
    Diplomatic action

    Duke Caddock the Second accedes to demands for independence.

  • 220 MD

    Valton Tithing becomes part of the Duke's Holdings
    Political event

    The extinction of the founding familty of Valton brings this Tithing under the Duke's direct control, as the closest living relative (excluding illegitimates and other non-entities).

  • 225 MD

    230 MD

    Annals of the Duchy Compiled
    Artistic creation

  • 262 MD

    Cadu's Reforms

    Cadu the Second reforms the feudal structures.

  • 340 MD

    Geological / environmental event

    The failed harvest and famine resulting from the Devastation of Naros. For more information, see Redsummer.

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  • 352 MD

    393 MD

    Incorporation of the Houghlands
  • 455 MD

    Waste Treatment at Morton
    Technological achievement

    Proper waste management introduced at Morton. The current organisations and infrastructer put in place and operational.

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  • 493 MD

    500 MD

    The Covrin Wars
    Military action

    The final territorial expansion of the Duchy to include the whole western coast of Cor Bay

  • 630 MD

    The present day (630MD)