Challaria Caddock is Fourth Duke

Caddock is Fourth Duke


Though ridiculed in his first years as Duke for having been knocked out by his sister, Caddock managed by luck and judgement to secure the Duchy and the heritable nature of the Dukedom.

As Fourth Duke, Caddock's reign would have been hard pressed to have a worse start - at 16 years age, his father was killed by Jorath1 (See The Legend of Carron's Daughter ), parts of the Duchy were is ruins from Jorath's incursion and his personal reputation was affected by his having been knocked out by his sister so that she could take on Jorath instead of him.
Despite his youth, or because of good advice, he made a solid recovery from this poor start earning his spurs in a retributive campaign (in alliance with the Kingdom of Mor , who had also lost a prince to Jorath) against the Taruvian clans, carefully targetted against the clans that had supported the uprising. His lands secured, he strengthened his alliance with the Kingdom of Mor by marriage <<<heavens, another lineage to put in place>>> overseeing the Duchy for a total of 34 years.

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