Challaria Challarian Master Timeline

Challarian Master

  • 5900

    Collapse of the Old Empire
    Disaster / Destruction

    Hubris on the part of the citizens of the Old Empire (working title only) resulted in the conversion of their lands to deserts, the destruction of their cities and mass migration of humans to the other continents of Challaria as they sought to avoid the destruction wrought by the evil they had released upon their homeland. This will have included the Taru to Tarusia and another diaspora to the reptilian continent where strange hybrids formed, of which more anon - a potential project for a year or two down the line.

  • 7909

    Unification of the Empire

    Abran closes out the Wars of Formation by winning the The Battle of Harren Marsh . Respecting Nobrin's vision he makes his capital at Mariv-thip, rather than in his own lands, below the cataracts.

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  • 8562

    Tarusia discovered by Morrin Mariners
    Discovery, Exploration

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  • 8700

    Ara'koi start expansion into the Marivar Empire
    Population Migration / Travel

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  • 8720


    Migration of the Mor
    Population Migration / Travel

    The period of migration by the Mor, settling the north western parts of Tarusia, this was driven by population expansion and a seeking of new resources, notably the fishing grounds of the norther ocean.

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  • 8780

    1 /1 13:00

    Foundation of the Moran Duchy

    Cadric establishes control over the territories of the Duchy, uniting a range of smaller settlements and feudal lordships (similar in organisation of the Little Kingdoms). The main intent was to destroy, drive out or assimilate the remaining Taru - Cadric was ambivalent about which, he just wanted to be able to get on with settling the lands he had.

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    Moran Duchy
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  • 8824


    Migration of the Torren
    Population Migration / Travel

    Driven by population movements in their homeland, the Torren migrated to the Tarusia, settling in the northern plains.

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  • 8867


    Migration of the Murgh
    Population Migration / Travel

    The Murgh migration spread from their entre-pot of Khost over the south western parts of Tarusia. This saw the Taru forced back into the forest and mountainous areas.

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  • 8945

    Uq first observed in the Sea of Strange Lands

  • 8957

    Orris Founded

    The first Morivan settlement on Tarusia. Founded ship building centre in the Empire year 858 it became a stepping stone of the Torren migration into Tarusia.

  • 8967

    Sutran Expansion Starts
    Population Migration / Travel

  • 9020

    Naros appears in the Sea of Strange Lands
    Geological / environmental event

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