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The Stranded Wyvern

Occupying a prime site on the Valton Road between the Duke's Square and the Strand "The Stranded Wyvern" is a popular spot to while away an evening in good company, with good ale and fine musicians. In addition to its own brews it stocks ales from many of the other towns on the Durran river basin. You may encounter its ales in some of the riverside towns of the Duchy and Kingdom of Mor but any found elsewhere in Morton Tithing are likely to be imitations scarcely recognisable to those familiar with the true brew.   Although the prices are at a premium to other taverns in less prestigious locations, the Stranded Wyvern is popular with a broad swathe of society for the excellence of both ale and entertainment. It has some accommodation but the landlord, Caddick Enna Caddick, has let this side of the business slide and it now mainly accommodates mid ranking officials and merchants.  

The Main Bar

Unsurprisingly this is the main bar - a cavernous space that can hold a significant part of Morton's population. Rarely filled to capacity it has space for groups of performers to compete one against the other for the audience's appreciation.  

The High Bar

Formerly the main bar of the inn, the high bar plays host to the more serious solo musicians performing to smaller audiences, generally, if not always better behaved ones. This is also where you will find the widest range of ales from other parts.

The Quiet Bar

No music here, a place for conversation and thus not always a quiet space. Generally presided over by Caddick's son, a man willing to converse on any subject and, after many years of this, no longer ignorant on most of them.

The Others

For a more private space with discrete service a number rooms have been repurposed from accommodation. As the accommodation side of the Inn's business has declined the food available is not exciting to the gourmet visitor - but the discretion of the staff and the quality of the soundproofing make The Others suited to a wide range of activities and meetings.

Musicians at the Stranded Wyvern

Those who fancy themselves as musicians or entertainers of some other ilk are welcome to try their luck most evenings in the Main Bar, for even when an evening's entertainment has been programmed there are always odd gaps to fill in. Open stage nights are run competitively with an entry fee of a couple of Dukes (see Duchy Currency ) split 9:6:1 between the most popular and the potential to be invited to play the High Bar.


Like many such buildings the Sranded Wyvern has been altered over successive decades as its various landlords tasstes and business focuses changed. Several neighbouring houses were incorporated into the Inn to increase accmodation under the present landlords grandfather but more recently some of these have been converted into brewhouses to increase the Inn's capacity.   The cavernous "Main Bar" resulted from the roofing over of the coach yard, creating one of the larger entertainment spaces in Morton, ocasionally used for plays but mainly for music for which the acoustic is surprisingly good.
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Caddick Enna Caddick

The current landlord is a thin man of middling height and sour countenance - gfar from the stereotypical brewer or landlord. He took over the running of the business some thirty years ago and has owned it outright following the death of his mother a decade ago. He values the quality of his ale above all things and is not a man to ask for credit - as being thrown bodily into the street by one of his heavies is not an enjoyable part of anyone's evening.
Embers - this year's winter warmer by the esteemed brewer Caddick Enna Caddick blends the rich tones of his porters with a spiced warmth that even the spice merchants find hard to pin down. But take care for its strenght is deceptive - it is served in small measures for good reason.


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