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For several hundred years, Hammersward is the part of town that has been home to most of the industry around metalworking in Morton. Although the Duke's maneymaker is based in the Treasury, the two other moneymakers operating in Morton are based in Hammersward, along with others working silver and gold (the white-smiths), iron and steel (the blacksmiths) and brass and bronze (the yellowsmiths). Given this it is unsurprising that the ward is home to the Anvilmen's guildhouse.


Hammersward is dominated by the Mor though rumours have circulated for many years of workshops manned by Monkin-doo buried beneath the streets of the ward. Socially, the smiths span the classes both from their social and economic positions.


Hammersward is notable for its lack of connections to the sewers - with the stores of precious metals beneath the workshops, they have opposed the digging of tunnels through their ward and cess it transferred to the sewer points in neighbouring wards or collected by the Morton Porters Guild several of whom specialise in this trade.   Most yards have at least one furnace and though the blacksmiths tend to individual furnaces, the other smiths make less use of them and will normally share one between several workshops to spread the cost and provide a little more social interaction.

Guilds and Factions

Although the metal bashing trades of Morton are split into three groups, they form a single guild - the Anvilmen. As there are few occasions where the choice is between bronze or iron (for example) the conflict and tension within the Anvilmen is mainly between those working the same metal.


Owing to their use of liberal amounts of fire, Hammersward was one of the first parts of Morton to adopt brick construction, with most buidings from the fifth century buily in this medium. These were consciously styled in the forms of the traditional wooden buildings and thus there is an uncanny similarity in styles between Hammersward and Woodhouses.   Whilst the ward, as a ward, is undefended individual workshops are among the securest buildings in Morton - for not only do the whitesmiths deal in significant quantities of precious metals but some, notably the money makers, also act as bankers securing deposits of bullion. Many a flimsy workshop is built upon a vaultlike cellar with walls as thick as many castles.
Caddick Orma Cadu has been Alderman of Hammersward since 1027MD. Unlike many he has moved between the trades having been apprenticed a striker to the moneymaker Enna Amya Carrick before moving through wider silverwork and into brasswork where he found his metier and developed techniques now widespread for creating cups, bowls and similar by Spinning. He is renowned for his devotion to the metal working trades and his concern for the trades journeymen. Even with his current responsibilities, he will normally be found in the Dukes Square market two or three days a week selling like any other trader and spinning new wares whenever business is slow.


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