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One of the outer wards of the town, Tawley is home to a number of trades and the Morton Masons Guild, and through it's proximity to the slaughter houses and butchers of Bankside a number of trades related to the use of bone and horn as well as the manufacture of glue.   A thriving and bustling working and lower class neighbourhood it is too far from the town centre and the social hubs to appeal to those with such pretensions.

Industry & Trade

As mentioned above, the ward is home to the glue makers; the masons as a guild are also based here but conduct most of their trade outside the ward (ie wherever the building trades are in demand). Those of a more artistic bent - the carvers of decorative works do maintain workshops here and work from them but they are a small part of the overall trade.


Running through the heart of Tawley is the Taw Rill - a watercourse providing power and water for a number of establishments (of unlike the Storrow and the Durran, there is no history of navigation on the Taw Rill and consequently much of it's length in town has been culveted at weired to provide the opportunity for power to be extracted from its flow.   It is also well connected to the foul and trade sewers, though the only significant trade at present to make use of the latter are the glue makers.

Guilds and Factions

The Morton Masons Guild are a major power in the ward, with most of their members resident (even if not actually working) within it. They are the main group resisting the attempts of the Battocks Boys to grow their operation into Tawley as a result of which the guild is beginning to offer loans and credit to it's members to "preserve the character of the area".
Hallaak Elica Cadman is the current alderman of the ward. In his late fifties he trained as a stone mason but following an injury which damaged his left arm he moved into the glue trade where he has been moderately successful and developed "Hallack's Stickies" - thick felt pads impregnated with an unusual glue that is useful for quick repairs or securing, for example, tapestries to stonework. His business doing well he decided to put something back into the community and is using his time as alderman to bring his younger daughter, Onya, into the management of the business.


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