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One of the oldest part of Morton, Castle ward represents the area originally occupied by the fortified village which later became the bounds of the castle. With the erection of the third town wall in the 6th centuary, the Duke's household moved from the castle to a new palace complex further up the Storrow and much of the castle's buildings were demolished. The keep remains as the treasury, the great hall as the Scribehall, the old kitchens as the law courts and the area occupied by the castle yard and outbuildings became Duke's Square.   Today the inhabitants of Castleward are largely employed in those still official buildings or traders with an interest in the markets held in Duke's Square (these are the main markets in the town for manufactured items - metalwork, candles, leather goods and such like; foodstuffs are sold in Hallack's New market, livestock in The Stocks and bulk trade goods down on the strand).


Three major arms of the Duchy's government are based in Castleward - the treasury dealing with matters of taxation, finance and control of the moneymakers; the law courts adjudicating on cases civil and criminal and the Scribehall which is the main archive and a centre of study for both scholarship and the more mundane administrative arts.


Although several of the former castles buildings remain in Castleward, they have served no defensive purpose for many years. The section of river bank bordering the Storrow is undefended, and largely used for loading and unloading of the boats that work that river. The Storrowbridge has guard posts and a gate but to a determined invader these would be but a minor obstruction.

Industry & Trade

Little if any industry is practiced in Castleward, but the area is one of the four main centres of trade in the town, housing the market for manufactured goods. This operates five days a week, with no trade on Dundy. Highdy is the busiest trading day of the week with the square packed with traders stalls as well as the more permanent establishments around its perimeter. On other days the fixd shops and a smattering of stalls will be found giving a reasonable choice. The Leaftide and Gombrill fairs attract craftsmen from the neighbouring area as well as specialist traders from further afield and are the best chance for obtaining exotic manufactures at a reasonable price.


In addition to the major buildings of government and the market place Castleward is well served by the sewer systems, and many of the major buildings are rumoured to be linked to disused parts of the storm sewer network allowing for clandestime communications between the government buildngs and the palace and from various points to the rivers.
Connor Enna Caddick is currently in the third year of his term as alderman for Castleward. He has run a stationery business selling primarily to the Scribehall, law courts and those who work there for the last thirty years. He is a good manager of detail (and therefore comes into his own at the great fairs) but limited in matters longer term or more strategic. He will often be found perambulating the market place keeping a finger on its beating pulse.


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