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The Strand

The Strand is one of the oldest parts of Morton. Wheyther it is the oldest or whether that honour falls to Castleward is a matter of local pride bt it is probably fair to say that though Castleward may have been where the twon was first settled it was at at Strand that the settlers landed their boats.   Today, The Strand is home to many of the larger merchant houses of Morton; their dwellings, their warehouses, their trading offices are found in the section between Dukes Square and the open trading space that forms the river dockside of the Durran. For its size therefore its population is small but the power and influence they weild is large.


The inhabitants of the Strand are a pretty cosmopolitan lot. Several of the established trading houses are either recent immigrants or have intermarried with trading houses elsewhere in Tarusia and further afield. Various "flavours" of Morivians abound, along with some of Sutran blood but few of Taru extraction, unlike the wards further downstream.

Industry & Trade

Trade is the lifeblood of this ward - it neither makes nor consumes in great quantity but most of Morton's trade flows through The Strand, for it deals in bulk trade goods, both imports to and exports from Morton and the surrounding areas. This trade is controlled by the Merchant Venturers who levy tolls on goods passing through the strand. These are laid on members and non-members alike but annually, on the Guilds festival day, at the end of Garner the surplus is distributed to the members in proportion to their contributions.


The infrastructure of The Stand is heavily tilted to commerce: the quayside along the riverfront has been built up and strengthened so that it is no longer necessary to beach boats in order to load and unload and vessels drawing a mans height and more can moor without fear of grounding except in the dryest of times. Most vessels moored at The Strand will trade directly from the gang plank with the merchant houses of the town (or unload directly into their house's warehouse across the trading yard.
Arno of Kingsholm is currently the Alderman of The Strand. Despite his name he is native to Morton, though his parents only settled in Morton a couple of years before his birth. He was bought up in the river trade and spent 25 years on the river barges before taking a controlling interest in his house's business following the death of his mother. He isn't the most perceptive or sharpest of merchants, but his understanding of the river trade is second to none and unlike many on The Strand he is trusted not to make a fast porro out of his positio.


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