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Wyvernskulls Curse

Ah yes, the Wyvernskulls Course, Ketas Seadragons very own ship. It is feared by many, and seen twice by few. However the few that lived to tell the tale of this legendary warship only remember bloodshed and the curse its crew brings upon anyone who dares challenge their captain. Quite the spicy shop, don't you think?
— All knowing Lohrk

Purpose / Function

The Wyvernskulls Curse was commissioned by the Seadragons to serve as yet another battleship. It was supposed to be a mid-sized supporting barque that specializes in speed and cannons, but was later gifted to Ketas Seadragon after his first successful sea raid as a captain. Since that time, the Black Arbor is his own main ship that he uses to fight his wars with.


The Commission

After being gifted to Ketas Seadragon, the Wyvernskull Curse became a major upgrade through the Carvers First Commission of Orgnu'yi Ravenforge of Lumber. Ketas would work as closely as the Lumberjacks allowed him together with Orgnu'yi to ensure the best outcome for him. Once finished, his old barque was now bigger, more durable and deadlier than before.

The Bow

After a few years, Ketas would personally seek out Orgnu'yi Ravenforge again. This time, they would also seek magical assistance from the best Inscriptionists, Magicsmiths, Alchemists and Attributed Artificers the two of them could find. To prepare for Ketas expedition where he would end up defeating Aughirondr he needed another upgrade. The team set out to give the ship a new bow with magical properties. They ended up creating a grand Attributed artifact that shrouds the Black Arbor in dark mist, disorienting other ships. They called it: Aughirondr's Shroud


Wood from the Shrouded Isles it is then, I'll send me most trusted hardies to fetch me some.
— Ketas 'Wyvernslayer' Seadragon on his choice of wood

Base Ship

The material used in the Wyvernskulls Curses main deck is Black Ruby Wood. Carved by none other than Orgnu'yi Ravenforge himself, even the normally non-spectacular base is not to be overlooked. Highlights made of Heavenly Marble let the design seem even more grand.


Ketas most prized artifact is made of Undead Divine Wood, collected and shipped to Zvaaraes from Animohrs. It was further improved by the hired Magicsmiths and Artificers to withstand heavy attacks against it.


Made of the finest nylon and woven by elvish hands, the sails of the Black Arbor are nothing short of perfection. The sigil of Ketas Seadragon himself is woven into every single one.


The Wyvernskulls Curse was the first ship that was commissioned by the Zvaarian Lumberjacks. It sparked the beginning of a profitable relationship between the two cultures. The Seadragons were so impressed by the woodworkers job that they would go on to hire a personal contact on the lumberjacks council not long after and would request new projects every coming year.
Founding Date
8th of the Eigth Blessing, 1598
Vehicle, Ship
Ruling/Owning Rank
Current Location
Alternative Name
Black Arbor
Crew Size
Captain Seadragon, I will absolutely NOT model this artifact after a "topless lass like myself". I am not having it!
— Orgnu'yi Ravenforge of Lumber discussing the bows design

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