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WorldEmber 2021

Do your best, even if your best is simply to try.

In an effort to stay creative and continue creating this world that I love, I, Stormbril, will write as much as I can in a healthy way during December, with the hope, but not expectation, of reaching a minimum of 10k words. If I fail, I will be happy with what I have created regardless!
— Stormbril
  You might've seen the update I posted to my profile, but phew, it's been quite the November. And now it's almost December!   What am I gonna do?!?   Probably do my best to approach things in a calm and planned manner, using what I've already created to make my new writing go easier and smooth. I've got some stubs (like we all do!) that I can work on, and some art that I've never created an article for.  

Things to avoid!

  • Burnout from trying to handle too many things at once >:(
  • FOMO, it's okay if I don't complete it all while others do
  • Stress, focus on health and the important things first
  • Writing for rewards or badges, rather than enjoyment


    Every year, I make plans, and every year I only follow some of em. But that's okay! I'm a fan of loosely planning these big events, and then improvising as needed. A good mix of planning and pantsing. Below this section, I will lay out some of my stubs, ideas, and pre-made artwork that I'd like to make use of.


  • The Seven Day War
  • This is something that's been planned since the inception of this world. An overview of the carnage and chaos during the 7 days in which every god fought, resulting in the God-husks.
  • Rumours of the 15th
  • Something that's been referred to here and there in some of my Legion articles, in particular the base article on the Legion themselves! Nasty whispers are going around the world of Cathedris, putting forth the idea that the Legion is attempting to build their own new god.
  • Sacred Land Scars
  • Some easy, fun writing, particularly if I do the Seven Day War stub. This will be an overview article containing a series of articles on different landmarks around the world, all formed during the Seven Day War.
  • Artwork

    Every WorldEmber so far, I've done at least 1 God-husk. If I am to do one this year, it will certainly be T'kalia I write about.

    Other Ideas

  • Make use of existing CSS
  • In particular, make use of some of the really fancy CSS I put into The Comprilith! I've got an idea for how to use some of it, and I'm planning on working the CSS into the Seven Day War article.
  • Write species for fun
  • There's two ideas, totally unrelated to the rest of the world atm, but still a fun idea to write. A mushroom species, and a species of birds. Both of them might let me just create without the stress of making sure things stay canon!
  • Other unused ideas
  • Currency (Legion Steel, a currency used by the Legion to pay their soldiers), a completion of the Comprilith CYOA story (How are you going to escape??), or some other small articles. There's plenty that I can do!
  • That's about as much as I'm going to let myself plan. As I mentioned earlier, these are just loose plans and I'll likely deviate from them entirely. Any good plan is one that plans for the unplanned, after all! In the end I'm just hoping to get a little bit of creating in.

    Special Thanks

    To everyone in the Lodge, you all know who you are, thank you <3 I likely wouldn't even be here, still creating, if it weren't for you all. You're truly the best, and are an infinite source of inspiration and determination to me.

    Articles written during World Ember

    As is tradition for me at this point, I started off World Ember strong with my big polished article for the event! Right within the first week, I wrote and completed The Seven Day War. It's full of God-husks and CSS, exactly what you'd expect from me at this point :D
    And then I was busy until the last two days of the event :D
      But, a couple days before the end, I managed to get a burst of inspiration! And, in a surprise twist, I actually did follow some of what I had planned in the beginning of this pledge. I wrote the species of mushrooms I had mentioned, I did the Sacred Land Scars overview, and I wrote a very important story-seeding article, Rumours of the 15th :O
        And now we're into the reading challenge, and the Bard challenge! Busy busy busy :D I've picked out my articles for the reading challenge, I'm just currently, y'know, reading em. And figuring out what I want to say about each! Look forward to that coming soon!

    Cover image: by Liam Briese


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    28 Nov, 2021 04:18

    Yaaaaay! I'm so excited to see what's in the pipeline. I hope your WorldEmber month is less chaotic than November has been, and that the words you sit down to create arrive easily and with a ton of excitement :D

    You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
    Luridity: Where love is love and life is lived. Contains NSFW content.
    Now with serialized fiction on Ream!!
    28 Nov, 2021 07:20

    Thank you Dani!! :D   I hope so too, gonna keep things as easy as possible, but still fun and creative <3

    Sage Timepool
    Garrett Grace Lewis
    28 Nov, 2021 06:00

    Hell yeah good luck, and stay healthy!

    28 Nov, 2021 07:56

    Glad to see you participating still after such a chaotic November! Take care and look after yourself and just go in it for the fun. I really hope that World Ember gives you a surge of creative and inspiring energy! Have lots of fun and I'm looking forward to read your work. :D

    28 Nov, 2021 19:00

    Thank you Shadow! I'm hoping so too :D   World Ember is all about the fun and the atmosphere, so I'm thinking it should be a success no matter what! <3

    Forgemaster Dimitris
    Dimitris Havlidis
    28 Nov, 2021 08:48

    Fascinating I can't wait to read the new additions!

    Join me, become a Sky Pirate in the world of Lyra!

    28 Nov, 2021 19:00

    Thank you Dimi! I'm excited to make them :D

    28 Nov, 2021 11:06

    Thank you for the reminder to be vigilant for the curse of FOMO! I hope your WorldEmber is inspiring, chill, and satisfyingly creative this year :D

    Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
    28 Nov, 2021 19:02

    I'm certain that bit there comes straight from advice from you to begin with! <3   Thank you, and I hope yours is equally as excellent :D

    28 Nov, 2021 12:47

    Look at He'an being all floaty! <3 Looking forward to seeing what you create in WorldEmber. <3 YAY MUSHROOM

    Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
    28 Nov, 2021 19:03

    Floating up there, being all naked and inspiring :D   Thank you Emy, and likewise for your own creations! I've never written a mushroom before but I'm excited to give it a shot, and excited to see yours <3

    28 Nov, 2021 16:14

    Good luck Stormy! Let's hope life will give you a break in December and let you fill up the mental energy to create what you want :)

    28 Nov, 2021 19:04

    Thank you Kros! <3 I'm gonna do my best to make sure December isn't overly chaotic, but still be creative and do fun things :)

    28 Nov, 2021 21:27

    Best of luck with WorldEmber!!! . I'm looking forward to reading your work!!

    28 Nov, 2021 21:41
    29 Nov, 2021 13:08

    This is a niiiice pledge <3 I think those species articles will indeed be a lot of fun to write! Very excited to see what you come up with :)

    29 Nov, 2021 17:26

    Thank you Nae! <3   Species are always fun, should make for some stress free worldbuilding! Excited for you as well :D

    Time Bender
    2 Dec, 2021 01:36

    Awesome! Very eager to see what you write. Glad you have such a strong support group! :)

    2 Dec, 2021 17:39

    Thank you! <3 I hope to write something great :D

    Sage eccbooks
    E. Christopher Clark
    16 Dec, 2021 11:57

    I've had this in my queue for a month—shows you how far behind I am—but I still wanted to stop by and say I love what you've pledged here and that I hope it's going well. I'm especially looking forward to reading about "The Seven Day War."

    4 Jan, 2022 05:15

    Haha, all good! As you can see, I'm a little bit behind on notifications too :P   Managed to get 4 articles done and hit 10k! Success on my end!   Hope you were able to complete your goals as well!

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