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Top Secret Fan-Art Vault

A collection of the finest artwork from across the globe

How in the-- who are you and how did you get in here?!
— Legion Art Gallery Curator
  It's something that I've repeated over and over, and something that I will always say for the rest of my life -- I wouldn't be writing if it weren't for the amazing reception and love that Cathedris has gotten. It fills me with creative energy, and makes me so incredibly happy to hear that I've inspired others as well.   Some of this love has even come in the incredible, absolutely amazing, wonderful form of FAN ART! This page has been a long time coming but it's about time I finally collect it all into a lovely place for you to peruse. Without further ado, please enjoy some Cathedris fan art, shared below in no particular order <3  

Miyu and He'an by Nnie

A while ago I ran a "Husk-off" on Twitter, a tournament style fan-vote competition to determine the fan-favourite God-husk. It was incredibly fun and people got really into it -- and what absolutely blew my mind is that Nnie even made fan art to rep her favoured Husk! To cheer on Miyu, Nnie created this incredible piece (both with and without text), and it still makes me smile every time I look at it. But this wasn't the first fan art she'd made for Cathedris, oh no, the first was this absolutely excellent work of He'an escaping the gravitational pull of Cathedris through certain "methods" xD

Sage nnie

Annie Stein
Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!


by Nnie


Rendling Catfish by Serukis

Rendling Catfish by Emy
This adorable little creature was drawn by Emy! It's one of the first Rendlings made by someone else and I absolutely adore it. It can even be seen on the actual Rendling article, too!

Councilor of the Inner Sanctum Serukis

Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet



He'an by TJ and Naelin

TJ and Naelin surprised me, while playing on a group Minecraft server! I was gone from the server for about a week, unable to play, but when I came back to play I found Cathedris's moon had come to say hi!   It was He'an, lovingly rendered in block form, complete with tears that'd pour down from the sky above via a daylight sensor redstone mechanism. It was an incredible surprise to find, and is actually the first time I've seen any God-husks made 3D :D

Exalted Councilor of the Inner Sanctum tjtrewin

TJ Trewin

Journals of Yesteryear

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Godship Collection by Amélie

Okay so there's a "joke" concept in Cathedris called the Godship series of books, which are an in-universe series of "poorly written" romance novels that feature gods, god-husks, and mortals in various spicy scenarios. Amélie did this incredible art as a gift of a collection of these books, complete with titles and back-of-book blurbs on them too >:D

Eternal Sage AmélieIS

Amélie I. S. Debruyne



Catalurgic Gear and Avartarian by Vivengene

Catalurgist Equipment by vivengene
Avartarian Mountain Scene by vivengene
Vivengene joined my Discord early February and enthusiastically read through the entire world codex, even to the point of creating fan art which absolutely surprised me! Especially with what they started with, an incredible rendition of what the gear that Catalurgists wear might look like! The attention to detail blew my mind, with the different types of Catalurgists, the magic they might be doing, the different Ichor, and even cooling packs! Later on they took a picture I took near Banff, Canada, and made it into a Cathedris scene of a family making a snowman while Avartarian walked by in the distance. Just so, so cool.

Please, please make sure to shower these artists in love for the amazing work they've done!
— Legion Art Gallery Curator
  Any time I feel down, I'm going to come to this page and do a nice little scroll through the art to remind myself of the amazing people in this world, and the joy they've given me via these works <3   If you've felt inspired by Cathedris, and would like to see your art here, please don't hesistate to send me anything you've made! I can add it here with full links to your profile or whatever you like, and share it with the world :D If you have already shown me and somehow I forgot it, I am so sorry I am terrible at remembering to save things D: Please re-send it to me, accept my apology, and I shall showcase it to the world :D Joining my Discord, or messaging me on Discord, is the easiest method!  

Cover image: by Brock Wegner


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These are some amazing artworks!! <3 I can't believe TJ and Naelin made a minecraft statue ahahhaha

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omg yes we must FILL THE VAULT WITH ART

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