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The Bay of Glass

The northeastern reaches of the Ephemeral Sea are a wide expanse of treacherous waters that contain numerous dangers such as black glacial ice floes, flotsam left from the Seanachaisian blockades, and some of the most concentrated and toxic waters in the sea itself. The stories and legends that come from this region tell horrifying tales of the Black Armada, lost sailors returned from watery graves, and the infamous creature, Old Stickybones , who is said to haunt the location, stalking ships that dare to brave the sea and travelers brave or foolish enough to wander too close to the shores.


The icy waters of the bay are strangely calm and still most of the year, giving an eerie and unsettling panorama of a vast expanse of black water dotted as far as the eye can see with countless husks of half submerged, destroyed ships left over from the joint efforts of pre-Blight forces to blockade the Isle of Seanachai . Just below the surface, one can make out the drifting pieces of black ice that make the location extremely dangerous to attempt to navigate by sea.


Not unlike the rest of The Ephemeral Sea , life within the waters here persists but not without a varied and extreme amount of mutation, constantly shifting from the exposure to the Void tainted water. There does appear to be a slightly greater concentration of Void Born activity in the region, and while the majority of observations of the area are achieved by aerial study, the Hiversteadians have adapted their tremendous skills in a fashion that allows them to hunt and slay the dangerous Void Whales that Migrate through the area annually.

Ecosystem Cycles

The waters of the Bay remain icy cold year round, with an increase in the ice gradually occurring through Senectus and Frigus, locking many locations in huge ice shelves until they begin to thaw, crack and fall apart as thing warm throughout the rest of the year.

Localized Phenomena

Aside from the constant presence of black drift ice that persists throughout the year, the month of Frigus sees the occasional arctic cyclone occur over the waters that can pick up substantial amounts of the corrosive and toxic water, as well as the black ice and whip it into a frenzied, churning storm that can easily destroy even the heartiest of ships should they be caught in one. While it is extremely rare, on occasion these storms can make their way ashore, leading to a barrage of high winds, rising tides and devastating black hail and snow. The Hiversteadian architecture is well suited to weathering these storms when they do occur, however.


The surface waters of the bay hover around a near constant −1.8 °C, dropping a few degrees lower during the winter months.

Fauna & Flora

Aside from the depths of the sea below, the bay is home to many varieties of altered life, just like the rest of The Ephemeral Sea , the most unique of these being the Void Whales which travel in small pods migrating from the furthest reaches north, to the Bay and back again.


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