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Isle of Seanachai

A barren, lifeless plain of death and destruction, covered in a stormy and lethal winter broken by constant black and often invisible storms that tear across the surface without end, this once magical paradise is now a vision of hell on Cairne, populated by Void spawned horrors and the hungry dead, it is from this point that the terrors of the world work outward, a constant reminder of the fallacies of the past, and an ever present danger for all that remain in the world.


At one time, the island boasted a very diverse landscape of rolling hills, gentle plains, forest copses and groves, and a number of small rivers and canals that gave the territory an otherworldly and ethereal quality, likely due to the influences of the creatures that frequented the place and that of the Seanachaisians themselves, who above all things were powerful creators of art, music, poetry, and many ways this same prodigious talent was applied to gently urging the natural world of their home into the most possibly pleasing aesthetic possible.    Though no one has physically laid eyes upon the lands since the Blight, remote viewing and similar talents have shown distorted images of a blasted, barren place now, barely even a shell of its former glory. Cracked and lifeless terra dotted with the piles of rubble and debris of its once magnificent cities and gardens, punctuated by the thousands upon thousands of skeletal remains the blanket the ground in every formerly populated location. The hills and valleys are gone for the most part as well, the constant gnawing of the concentrated Void energy having eaten away at much of the natural landscape.


While everything that once was there is long passed and eaten away, there remains a semblance of an ecosystem at play deep in the bowels of that lost and forlorn place, though very little in known about it. Horrifying mutations and Void spawn beyond number in forms that stagger the imagination populate the enduring darkness, moving through the remains of that place in large herds or formations. It is also believed that the flora in some places has survived, but not without that perseverance coming at a disturbing cost, for nothing touched in such a way by that power remains unchanged.

Localized Phenomena

The entire location is the site of impact for the Blight that was called down, and as such is an ever grown concentration of pure Void energy. While this energy is unavoidable death for any that might be foolish enough to enter it, many strange and unique happenings continue to persist as the energy left behind by the people that called this place home, the remnants of the Fae influences, and the power of the Void itself mingle and manifest in powerful and more often that not, terrifying ways.


The sun is completely occluded in this location, and the area inundated with negative Void energy which saps all heat from the location keeping it locked in a black and freezing winter. The cold being an unnatural occurrence is one that will cut through even the heaviest of insulation, and the winds blow through at dangerously high speeds, caught up in whirling storm formations, nearly invisible tornadoes, black lighting, and toxic deluges.

Fauna & Flora

Creature and flora spawned by the Void or changed by it, and the undead are all that can exist in this place, as any living organic creature that were to move this far into the Void would be obliterated without some form of protection from it.


Once the shining jewel of beauty and art, the Isle of Seanachai was home to a culture of people that were touched by the Fae and granted gifts of music and art that rivalled any other. This with their extended lifespans made them both admired and envied, as well as feared and hated in some places. The island itself was one of the most beautiful places on the planet, inspiring to see and intoxicating to move through. The island survived this way for many years until an act of horrible violence was visited upon it and the people that called it hope. In a ritual of never before seen proportions, a vast swath of another realm consisting of pure negative matter and energy was torn from its location and hurled down upon the heart of the Island, decemating all life there in an instant and nearly wiping out the Seanachaisians themselves. This Blight as it would be eventually called changed the entire face of the planet with its influence, and the island was left to the machinations of the darkness that swallowed it.
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