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An Solas Titim

An Solas Titim was once a holy location dedicated to the god, Bodi, where Seanachaisians would bring offerings of music and art in his honor. Now, the energies of the Void have turned the island into a macabre mockery of religious and social traditions the Seanachaisians once held sacred.


In its heyday, the flat, stony landscape of this small island was underscored with an emotional weight that made an impression on all who came to visit its shores. The most notable geographic feature of the island is a sheer cliff face at its easternmost point. Rocky beaches leading into the Ephemeral Sea lie at the base of the cliff and encircle the island.
Now, An Solas Titim suffers much the same fate as the main Isle of Seanachai. The Blight has eaten away much of the island's topography seemingly from the inside-out. Its cliffs have become even more jagged and dangerous, and large caves bored into the cliff face threaten that the surface of An Solas Titim will collapse in on itself at any moment. Despite this, the surface, though cracked and barren, remains intact in some sick twist of irony.

Localized Phenomena

The winds of the constant storms within the Blight produce a unique phenomenon with the ruins of the amphitheater: the columns that surround it now ring with an endless dissonant drone that causes madness to all who hear it. The Void-animated remains of long-dead kings and queens risen from the island's passage tomb hold mock theater shows at the amphitheater, works of twistedly brilliant and macabre design for the entertainment of Synchordia Demonda and his spawn.


In ages long past, Bodi gave a divine directive to the Oileanda to voyage to the islands in the middle of the Ephemeral Sea and settle there. After they arrived, Bodi met them on this particular island and gave his blessings to the land and his people with song.
This island was the pinnacle of everything Bodi held sacred. Rising earth met the open air, earth met the rolling waters below it, and all of these geographic features were the first to be graced with the rising sun at the start of each new day, being the easternmost location of the easternmost land gifted to the Oileanda by Bodi. It was these facts combined with the island being the location where they received a direct blessing from their god made An Solas Titim the holiest location in Olieandan - and later, Seanachaisian - society.
A large amphitheater was constructed on the island to serve as a form of open-air altar where Seanachaisians could bring their offerings of music and art. Several decorative hollow columns surrounded the amphitheater, each of which contained strategically-placed holes that allowed the columns to play the notes of the song of Bodi's blessing whenever the wind blew. Seanachaisians also used it like a regular theater, reserved only for the highest displays of Seanachaisian mastery of the arts. Invitations to perform here were notoriously rare. Additionally, it also served as the location for coronation ceremonies for Seanachaisian royalty for the new sovereign to receive Bodi's blessing.
This island also had what was at one time the most famous of the Seanachaisian passage tombs. Like the passage tomb at the Dunn Dierdiere Bog and all others before it, this one was oriented such that the sun passes directly through it on the sunrise of the summer solstice and located somewhere where two elements meet. Because it was at the most sacred location in Seanachaisian society, this tomb was the burial place of Seanachaisian royals and other elites. It was considered a high honor to be buried here.
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