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The Ephemeral Sea

Once a beautiful and vibrant sea that surrounded the pristine Islands of Seanachai, this sea now holds a death sentence for anyone unlucky enough to find themselves in its depths. Rife with monstrosities and aberrations of all shapes and sizes, the changed Ephemeral Sea is a storm ridden and tumultuous place that churns black beneath a sunless sky where the clouds never part.


A dark and polluted sea that surrounds the remains of the Seanachaisian Islands. The waters are completely inundated with the Void energy's unnatural touch and the only life that it sustains are the things that have spawned from the Blight, and the life that was able to survive long enough to mutate and evolve into something that could endure those conditions. While there remain a number of small islands and the Seanachaisian mainland, with rare exception almost all of it is devoid of life.


There remains a substantial and mostly undocumented amount of life, or things that seem alive within the waters of the Ephemeral Sea. The cycles of life tend to be vicious and unforgiving, the majority of it driven by hunger and even worse, the things that seem to do the bidding of the Void itself. With the main body of water situated at the core of the Void itself, the waters are constantly being altered by the energy present there, and in turn so is the life that remains. The larger issue, of course, remains the creatures that spawn from the Blight, which seem to enter into the world endlessly through the water, unfettered and unchecked in the most hostile place in Cairne.

Localized Phenomena

The waters of the Ephemeral sea are so corrosively toxic that many have died from only small amounts of contact. While the life that exists there beyond the Void spawned creatures has its roots in Cairne, there remains no life that could be easily associated with the organic roots that birthed it.


The waters remain cold year round, and storms blow across the majority of its large surface area as the turbulence of the Void colliding with the central landmass of the Seanachaisian Islands caused the waters around them to roil and steam as the reaction of the Void energy slowly eats away at the terrestrial material there in a violent, ongoing fashion.


Before the Blight, the sea was a global epicenter for trade and leisure alike. At one time numerous islands held retreats and temples, and small pocket communities of the wealthy from all over Cairne. The waters were crystal clear, sea green and blue and the weather mostly temperate year round along the coastal regions. The industries along the coastlines enjoyed fruitful business and plentiful hauls from their fishing and trapping there, and at its center, the shining jewel that was the Island of Seanachai, where art and music moved through the hills and valleys like a divine wind that brought joy and peace wherever it touched. While so much of the history of that place is lost in the impenetrable shadows of the Void, the survivors maintain their oral history and do their best to preserve their cultural ways of life and traditions.


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