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Old Stickybones

An enigma of the Eastern seas, this creature has terrorized both the shores and any attempts to navigate the waters of that area for many years. Believed by some to be a myth and by others to be a ghost, there is very little information known about this strange creature, but for those that have crossed his path and lived to report it, Old Sticky Bones remains one of the greatest terrors of the region.

Basic Information


The creature is humanoid though very tall, reported to stand over seven feet tall. All accounts to seems to agree that it has an extremely wide mouth filled with several rows of shark like teeth and a glowing, hateful gaze. It is said to have extremely large, webbed feet and long, muscular legs as well. With these feet and legs the creature is able to maintain supernatural swimming speeds, able to easily outpace most ships. It also has the ability when on solid ground to leap incredible distances, often clearing as much fifty or sixty feet at a time.

Ecology and Habitats

This entity seems to primarily be aquatic in nature, preferring the black, toxic waters of the eastern regions of the Ephemeral Sea, but has been known to take to the land of the islands found there and the shoreline as well with little hesitation if pursuing something or someone.


Sticky Bones shows a significantly complex intelligence, and seems to delight in the case and the fear his presence generates as much as capturing his prey.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Sticky Bones is incredibly intelligent and patient, able to play long standing games with those her pursues and remembering potential victims that escaped his grasp.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Old Sticky Bones can see as clearly underwater as he can in the open air, if not better. He also has Void sight that extends well past the normal optical range of most humanoids and the ability to sense the living with a significant area of effect.    Sticky Bones's gaze has the ability to petrify a victim if he so chooses to attempt it. While this does require eye contact with the victim, it is often a lethal outcome for them.
Scientific Name
Average Height
Average Weight
300 lbs
Geographic Distribution

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