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Trapped here when the Blight fell, the Syllandyha elves found themselves cut off from their ability to travel between world and the connection with their home severed entirely. While they struggled to maintain some semblance of the lives they once knew, it very quickly became apparent that in order to survive, drastic measures would need to be implemented. Their advanced technological knowledge and their skill with engineering allowed them to not only preserve their lives and people, but prolong their existence in this new and extremely harsh world they now found themselves forced to call home, but as time went by, a very steep price was exacted for their efforts and their hubris, and the identity and culture they sought so fervently to preserve was lost beneath the cold mechanical creatures they became, the Bonedancers .

Basic Information


Prior to their self made metamorphosis, the Syllandyha were fairly standard in terms of anatomical and physiological comparisons to the elves of Cairne. They were lithe and agile, with pointed ears and almond shaped eyes. They were known to have very pale skin and favored fairer features, but there were many variances to this as well.

Ecology and Habitats

These elves were unique in that they were an offworld faring species. Prior to being trapped on Cairne, they moved from world to world upon great and wondrous vessels that were capable of traversing the space between worlds at unimaginable speeds. Very little is known of their world of origin, though the Bonedancer archives likely contain many details of not only that, but the places they have been as well. As an offworld faring species, the generations spent traversing the outer regions had influenced their lives and culture a great deal, borrowing cultural influences from a myriad of strange species and and nations that they had encountered on their travels, making them a truly unique enigma.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Even before the change to their bodies caused them to move away from what they were, the Syllandyha were a democratic people, seeing each voice as an imperative part of the whole, and each opinion holding no more or no less weight than all of the others. They were efficient in this belief, and as a whole tended towards altruism in the extreme.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

While little is known outside of the Bonedancer archives, it is believed that there are still many of these elves still traveling the outworld regions, unaware of one another due to the tremendous distances between them and the time it takes to travel.

Average Intelligence

The Syllandyha were hyper intelligent genetically. Prior to losing themselves to their own modifications, they were unmatched in science and engineering, leading to speculations that the wealth of knowledge tucked away in their archive would be so advanced that it could potentially change the entire face of the planet if ever found and dispersed among the remaining cultures of the world.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Syllandyha were known to have an acute ability to see very well in the dark and had heightened senses of hearing and smell as well, likely due to their time spent as an offworld faring species.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

The technology of the Syllandyha was so far removed from anything that had been attained by the cultures of Cairne that it would have seemed like powerful sorcery to anyone that had witnessed it. Their ability to traverse space and their scientific understanding of the universe allowed them to create a great many wonders. Since the cataclysm, the majority of this knowledge has been either lost or hidden away, the Bonedancers seeing little use for it as they remain focused on survival and maintaining their current forms, but hints of that technology persist in their city even now. The ability to manipulate electricity, communicate over long distances, and even transport goods using pneumatic systems remain but a few examples of this, but these secrets are guarded and never shared with the outside world, coveted as they are by what these once noble and proud people became.

Common Dress Code

The clothing and equipment of the Syllandyha could only be described from the perspective of the peoples of Cairne as alien. These elves had access to materials and technologies that they had acquired after centuries of travel and exploration, and many of these items simply did not exist on Cairne at all. Between this and the influences they garnered over the course of that time by interacting with numerous offworld species and cultures, their presenting appearance had become a sleek and clean aesthetic made of strange metals and fabrics that tended towards whites, golds, and silvers, maintaining sleek lines and symmetry in design with intricate detailing and affectations.


The Syllandyha claimed to have been in existence as long as the stars had shone. Their own histories however, tended to be focused on the timeline their own armada followed. Upon leaving their mysterious homeworld, the elves lost touch with their fellows, as was their way, and maintained an isolated aspect of their culture as they moved outward into the reaches of the beyond. This particular fleet had already been adrift for centuries before their excursion into the lands of Cairne, and unfortunately for them, had only been there for a very short time before the Blight fell and trapped them there.    Not all of the elves from their fleet had come to ground, a small contingent having stayed behind to man the ships left behind, but it is believed that the disruption caused by the Void being pulled down to the surface of the planet either caused them to scatter to parts unknown, or destroyed them outright in the cataclysm.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Syllandyha and the Gauldowhynna had just made contact for the first time when the Blight hit. The entire entourage of the ambassador to the elves of Cairne were lost in the initial strike and without any means of reaching their armada and receiving news of what had happened, the Syllandyha were cut off and left in the dark, no one else on Cairne knowing where they were, who they were, or what happened to them.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
1000 years
Average Height
Average Weight
180 Pounds
Geographic Distribution
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