Cairne The Construction of Obficina Begins

The Construction of Obficina Begins

Construction beginning/end


Emboldened by their augmentations and uplifted by the positive and bold new direction of their course, the Syllandyha begin to dismantle their ships and use the resources recovered to begin construction of what was intended to be a semi permanent home and a protected and sterile workspace for Arterryx Vedikki and a team of engineers to begin attempting to restore a line of communication with their people.

The enhanced forms of the Syllandyha allowed them to work tirelessly and endure long periods of strenuous labor without need to stop or slow until their organic needs had to be met. The elves quickly went to work pulling all the scrap and parts from their ships they could manage, and when that was gone, they began to dig into the earth around their shelter and to quickly clear away the flora of their island. These resources were rapidly consumed as the settlement grew over the years from a simple shelter, to a village, and on into a city and then the sprawling metropolis it is now.   Within the sheltered domain, Arterryx Vedikki threw himself into his work, barely noticing the years as he moved through the remaining ranks of his people, modifying, upgrading, and tweaking his designs as he went, fulfilling each need as it arose to fulfill the needs of their work. Sadly, he did not notice the curse of his labors until it was far too late...

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