Cairne Desperation Drives the Syllandyha to Chase Extreme Measures

Desperation Drives the Syllandyha to Chase Extreme Measures

Technological achievement


Arterryx Vedikki , the primary and brilliant engineer of the landing party that was left behind uses his considerable skill and ability to begin crafting modifications for his people as a desperate attempt at the preservation of the survivors that were left behind.

After watching so many die in the years that followed the unexpected cataclysm that stranded them on an unfamiliar world, and having no way to navigate away from the island they had landed on, the engineer Arterryx Vedikki devices a method by which the survivors might stand a chance to endure the quickly dwindling food and water supplies, and the terrifying toxic storms that blew across their island home from time to time. By replacing certain organic elements with makeshift mechanical ones, he was able to prolong life and sustain it in these inhospitable conditions, forgoing the alterations himself to insure his ability to continue his work modifying the remaining Syllandyha using the left over scrap from their ships and the small amount of resources they were able to gather from the surface of the island.   It was at this time he propose they begin to build a more permanent structure where they might begin to rebuild a means of escape, try to understand the events that had led to this moment, and to try and reestablish communications with the ship that left them stranded. This plan was met with a mixture of relief and apprehension, but was agreed upon as the best plan of action to save the lives of those that remained.

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