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This is home to the enigmatic species known as the Bonedancers . The island, while not large, is imposing all the same. It is a barren, stone outcropping sitting in a remote part of the ocean, far removed from the mainland. It is dominated by a sprawling city called Obficina that consists of interconnected factories and industrial buildings topped by numerous giant smokestacks that constantly bellow smoke, steam, and other chemical elements into the air, making the location difficult to breathe in by visitors, though visitors to the island are very rare.


The land that makes up the island is completely barren, having been stripped of all resources long ago. Beneath the city lie a maze of tunnels and mines, digging deep into the land below as the Bonedances continue to exploit the location for every last ounce of materials they can scavenge. The stone that remains is primarily granite with pockets of shale and rarely, other minerals.


Aside from the Bonedancers, there are no remaining living creatures on the island.
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