Cairne The Arrival of the Syllandyha

The Arrival of the Syllandyha



From an unknown point of origin, a strange celestial occurrence streaks across the night skies of Cairne, coming down far over the Undullain Ocean where it disappears. Unbeknownst to the realms of Cairne, this marks the arrival of a never before seen race of elves from beyond the boundaries of the world, the Syllandyha .

The technological marvel of the craft that delivered the Syllandyha to Cairne was a small thing compared to the ship from whence it came, the behemoth that remained in the space beyond the skies out of sight. The smaller craft set down on a small uncharted island in the Undullain Ocean where its crew promptly went to work exploring what they were able. The world they found themselves on was young and vibrant, full of life and potential, and the crew was excited to discover a nation of Elves existed here as well. Upon setting up a station on the island from which they could explore outward, the Syllandyha set out westward from the landing site towards the mainland in search of their kin.

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