Cairne The Stranding of the Syllandhya

The Stranding of the Syllandhya

Life, Failure / Mishap

23/4 27:00

As the Blight is called down, the Syllandyha , caught unaware and unprepared as the enjoyed the hospitality of the Queen, Sharvisal Gwhynndahris , scramble to make it back across the thousand miles to their ship aboard a strange mechanical skiff capable of incredible speeds, but it is all for naught and they find themselves forsaken by their people and left behind.

The hospitality of the elves was a joyous occasion for both parties involved. Long long threads of a similar line reunited across time and space only to have their reunion cut short by a calamity of world ending proportions. The Syllandyha received word, their communications disrupted by the energy being drawn in and despite their craft's ability to charge across great distances at speed unimaginable, the two hours it took them to cross the thousand miles back to their primary ship was simply not enough. Their ship was damaged beyond repair in the push to close the distance, and the craft they so desperately sought to get to was nearly destroyed in the ensuing wave of energy that followed the Blight's impact, a shockwave that carried across the face of the entire globe. The surge caused small explosions and fires aboard as crucial systems were devastated by it, leaving the elves as castaways on a world not their own. The behemoth that had carried them all to this place was gone, either destroyed by being in the Blight's path or speeding away to locations unknown for the sake of preserving the rest of the passengers and crew.

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