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Raiyīŗ (/ɹaɪ̯ˈjiːr/)

The Wandering Tribe, known as Raiyīŗ, is one of the Kaushan tribes that chose not to join the Kingdom of Kiŗaun. when it was formed. They have remained small and nomadic since. Their population of about 1000 is spread among several independent families. There are three main families and a fourth that is often in contention.   The Raiyīŗ have an extensive spy network throughout the Eastern Principalities and Īyonī, as well as in many other nations, including several within dwarfish and elfish territories.   Raiyīŗ deal in goods, providing reliable transport across the desert to and from the Eastern Principalities. They also deal in information, selling information learned through the spy network and good relationships with others to people and organizations they deem worthy. They are well know as being fair and trusted dealers of information, priding themselves on accuracy. They do not trade in rumors. But, they are willing to share rumors for free while being very clear they are unverified.   They know many routes across the desert, with multiple hidden caches of goods and water (via wells and other means) scattered through the desert.   After centuries of navigating the desert, they know of a number of hidden/secret old/ancient buildings, constructs, cave entrances, magic centers, etc. They also have treaties and less formal agreements with a number of desert denizens.

Foreign Relations

The Raiyīŗ are generally good terms with most other nations, as they are a reliable source of information and trade fairly. They can also move products and goods across the desert faster than most can go around. It is a well known secret that one of the sourcese of their information is their network of spies.   Their relationships with the various Eastern Principalities are typically better than with other, non-Kaushan peoples. Because they are so reliable and fair, few have feit the need to hold grudges against them.   They have a partnership with Shania vin Qau and the Voshan Dīdnalash (specifically the Voshīlī) that few are aware of. This is beneficial to both parties.   However, despite all of their good relationships, there is friction with Nuerruoddel.
Geopolitical, Tribe
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The Wandering Tribe
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